Galerie Charlot - Paris
28 / 11 / 2014 – 20 / 12 / 2014

An exhibition curated by Valentina Peri

Inhye Lee makes sensorial objects and installations with moving images, sound and interactivity. For the first show in France, Galerie Charlot has made a selection of interactive works created between 2006 and 2014 as well as photographic prints. Her work is focused on the human being, and in particular on feelings and emotions.

The artist develops her creative process on the face that reveals those sensations. It is the main link among the works chosen here. Playful and poetic, her works always invite us to participate  and would not exist without the participation of the spectator. The artist’s work is very delicate, the fineness of the object and the relationship we establish with it masks its’ complex technology. Closely tied to memory and remembrance, her work takes us immediately back to childhood, inspired by objects and toys of the past. We “recognize” them. And follows rapidly is the desire to play with them through sound, manipulation and vision.

“Il mio lavoro inizia quando trovo i nessi mancanti che collegano le mie sparpagliate fonti d’ispirazione. Dopo aver scoperto il legame tra questi punti che prima sembravano casuali, comincio a definirne le relazioni nascoste. Tra le molte fonti d’ispirazione, gli oggetti dei ricordi d’infanzia (giocattoli, libri per bambini, spettacoli di magia, strumenti musicali – pianoforte, xilofono, fisarmonica) mi hanno costantemente influenzata. Uno dei miei interessi principali è adattare questi oggetti familiari, ai quali si legano i miei ricordi più profondi, per conferire loro ruoli nuovi. Anche se i formati possono essere diversi da un progetto all’altro, il mio lavoro richiede spesso la partecipazione dello spettatore. Attraverso questo processo, voglio ricreare i momenti ipnotici che tutti abbiamo vissuto da bambini nel momento del gioco. Il mio scopo è trasformare gli oggetti ordinari e l’ambiente circostante in un terreno di gioco per la nostra immaginazione.”

PianoFace Jumble

Zig Zag Muzig Block (ZZMB) is a real interactive visual and sound mixer composed of 3 movable cubes that  one can move and turn. To each facet correspond the image of a persons’ body and the sound of a particular piece of music. By making the cubes move the singers’ bodies and their songs are mixed and produce surprising effects.

In Face Jumble, a visual piano invites us to compose, in real time, a collage of different details of men’s and women’s faces by using a MIDI interactive keyboard. Each note  has its counterpart in one aspect  of the face.

This leads us to compose and re-compose a rudimentary “morphing” while playing a melody. We can find the same collage principal of composition and the same figures on a traditional medium: in Face Book with a Hole – Four Emotions the artist again uses the childhood model of the “hole book” where one discovers a detail of the following page through the hole on the page one is presently looking at. As the pages are turned one can explore the multiple aspects of four emotions  interpreted by the figures, whose face the artist has partially “erased” in order to complete  it with the image of the face on the following page. The artist’s message is simple as well as universal: she suggests sharing emotions  among  human  beings.

Family Tree Project tells about a Korean family, the Kim-Choes. The artist makes lenticular prints and a portrait-book in order to visually reconstruct the family’s origins.

Face Book with a Hole – The Kim-Choe Family again proposes  the “hole book”  technique in order to reveal the characteristics  different members  of the family have in common. The family members’ faces are mixed up. This visual synthesis evokes their underlying invisible genetic bond.  We again see family members’ faces reproduced on “lenticular” prints: different members are mixed on the same print. The transition  from one face to another is visible only by the spectators’  movement.

In Emotional Block and Accordion Face, Inhye Lee pushes the spectator into becoming an active part in the transformation of emotions evoked in her work. If Emotional Block is a sort of “mobile” that  the spectator can pivot in order to witness changes  of mood in the projected face, in Accordion Face, he must become a bit cruel… the action required is to fold an “accordion” in order to literally “upset” the projected  face.

Accordion Face

The personal exhibition Face to Faces stems from the collaboration between Arte Laguna Prize and Galerie Charlot, which has selected Inhye Lee as the winner of the Special Prize “Artist in Gallery” for the 8th Arte Laguna Prize. Created  from an idea of Arte Laguna Studio and Cultural Association MoCA, Arte Laguna Prize, a contest dedicated to visual arts, has been offering since 2006 concrete opportunities to talents, by promoting and spreading contemporary art, and emerging as an interpreter of the contemporary Zeitgeist. Arte Laguna Prize has grown over time, building year after year relationships with international jurors chosen among  directors of museums  and foundations, curators  and art critics changing at every edition, with the goal to select the finalists whose works are exhibited at Venice Arsenale, a prestigious showcase for contemporary art.

Galerie Charlot was created by Valérie Hasson – Benillouche in 2010 in order to promote innovative contemporary art practices. Particularly sensitive to emerging art forms, Galerie Charlot focuses on the relation between art, technology  and science in the post-digital world. Thanks to a pioneering attitude, Valérie Hasson-Benillouche has successfully created a contemporary art space where artists, art collectors and scientists share their passion for digital art. The gallery’s yearly schedule is punctuated by conferences, round table discussions, performances and presentations on contemporary art and technology.

Today, Galerie Charlot is internationally recognised as a key actor in contemporary art. Collaborations with international art galleries, institutions, festivals and exhibitions foster the gallery’s reputation. The gallery is a reference for a clientele which ranges from young to leading art collectors appreciating its challenging vision for today’s and tomorrow’s talents.