20 - 21 OCTOBER 2009

The European Conference “Creativity, Innovation, Digital Culture & Citizens Participation in the Construction of Europe” it responds to the expectations generated in previous conferences and forums organized by the Association ARTECHMEDIA for the impulse of a stable alliance of mutual interest between Art, Science, Innovation, Technology, Enterprise and Institutions that will contribute to a real Society of Knowledge based on the culture of creativity and innovation as well as on civic participation. This transversal relationship will culminate in the development of an economy with high added value that responds to the expectations of society in the 21 st century.

The European Conference is directed towards the policy makers at a national, European and international level, civic organisations in the fields of culture, art, education, businesses involved in technological innovation and especially young people and the general public.

Debates on “Strategies for the Development of Arts, Innovation and Cultural Diversity at the Knowlegde Society ” and “Social Networks, Intercultural and Citizens Participation in the Construction of Europe”.


Main Aims of the Conference:

This European Conference will be held in a direct response to the aims of the Spanish Presidency of the EU during the first half of 2010 and the objectives of the “European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009” for promoting creativity and the different areas of innovation in the various sectors of human activity in order to help equip Spain and the EU for the challenges and opportunities that new technologies and their application in art, science, and innovation have offered us throughout the world.

We would like to highlight the following:

Promote and propose common organisational spaces and structures as meeting hubs and the constitution of cultural, artistic, scientific and technological networks.

Create favourable conditions for mutual knowledge-sharing and the transfer and exchange of experiences and innovative projects that incentivise equality and social integration and the role of culture in cooperation for development.

Proposals to encourage the European identity and civic participation in policy making. Information and Communication Technologies as a means for social inclusion.

...Spaces for civic society’s participation in the intercultural global debate. Virtual communities and forums as part of alliances between cultures.

Cultural diversity and gender equality as a source of creativity, innovation and wealth. European initiatives and projects in Art, Science, Innovation, Technology, Business and Society: “”, “Europa en tus ojos” (Europe through your eyes).

International cultural cooperation in the EU. Social Agenda / Cultural Agenda.


European Conference directed by: Montse Arbelo and  Joseba Franco.

Promotors: Secretaría de Estado to European Union, Ministery of Foreign Affairs  and Cooperation, Spainish, Hhablemos de Europa, Agency for the Cooperation and Development . AECID,  Ministery of Culture, General Department of European Affairs and Foreign  Relations of the Basque Govern, Council of  Bilbao, Euskaltel Foundation, Lan Ekintza  

Collaborators: European Parliament Officer at Spain, European Commision Representation at  Spain, Spanish Foundation  for Science and  Technology, FECYT, Ministery of Science and   Innovation, Biblioteca Nacional, Alhóndiga Bilbao, Innovation Basque Agency, Innobasque, Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao, Technological Corporation Tecnalia, European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009