25 – 29 APRIL 2007

Enter_Unknown Territories is a festival of interactive and playful public art events, live performances, a conference, workshop and club nights taking place throughout Cambridge. This April, Enter_Unknown Territories will bring the most cutting edge interactions between art and new technology to the streets of Cambridge.

New technology art is a slippery and often ill-defined concept – and this festival has been conceived to give some clarity to the debates that arise when art and new technology meet, and to give some truly fascinating and illuminating work the opportunity to find new audiences. Art is commonly brought to life by technology, but where paintbrushes and cameras are tools of creativity, the artists and practitioners participating in Enter_Unkown Territories use the revolutionary high-tech changes of the past century as their medium of expression.

New technology art sits intriguingly at the crossroads of art, science and design, and has powerful implications for cross-disciplinary practices within commercial as well as creative environments. Enter_Unknown Territories will create a perfect forum for exploring these relationships, and for the forging of new networks of creativity.

Enter_Unknown Territories is firmly rooted in both its East of England context, and the international effervescence of new technology art over the past few years. Artists from across the globe will be coming to Silicon Fen in April and will engage a wide audience of practitioners and the general public in the exciting, unpredictable and interactive worlds of new technology art.

This two-day conference will provide a fascinating and timely platform for discussing the interplay between new technologies and artistic practice. The emergent forms of hybrid and collaborative practice being explored at Enter_Unknown Territories are not yet widely understood or appreciated, yet new technology art is set to assume ever more significance in the coming decades – not only for artists, but for the research and business communities as well. The conference will provide an opportunity for practitioners and representatives from the artistic, scientific and business communities to talk about how they can collaborate in more unusual and exciting ways, and what the consequences of challenging the borders between creative disciplines, contemporary culture and commerce might be.

The conference will focus on exploring three themes :

– Sustainable Technology
– Consumption and Participation
– Control Technology

The conference will include an examination of the current ACE Artist Placement in Industry Scheme, an initiative that supports and will feature the launch of Uncommon Ground. This research project by Virtueel Platform, the internationally renowned Dutch centre for interdisciplinary e-culture, is in partnership with the Utrecht School of Arts (HKU), funded by Arts Council England.


Anne Galloway (Canada) Stephen Heppell (UK) and others


Uncommon Ground – Creative Encounters Across Disciplines and Sectors (chair: David Garcia, Amsterdam) Adventuring Out – The Challenges of Knowledge Exchange (chair: Bronac Ferran, London) Future Spaces (chair: John Naughton – Ndiyo) Toolshift/Mindshift (chair: Rob van Kranenburg, Ghent) Open Technology (chair: Sally Jane Norman, Newcastle on Tyne) Control Technology: Knowing Me, Knowing You. Ah, ha! (chair: Bill Thompson, Cambridge)


BOOKLAUNCH of Uncommon Ground co-commissioned by Virtueel Platform & Utrecht School of Arts with support of Arts Council England’s Artists’ Insights strand

Live performances

Sarah Cook (CRUMB) / Sher Doruff / Geke van Dijk (STBY) / Jarmo Elukka Eskelinen (Forum Virium Helsinki) / Bronac Ferran (ACE) / David Garcia (School of Art Utrecht) / Beryl Graham (CRUMB) / Graham Harwood (Mongrel) / Garrick Jones (LSE) / Rob van Kranenburg (Bricolabs) / Christopher Lindinger (Ars Electronica Futurelab) / Giles Lane (Proboscis) / Sally Jane Norman (Culturelab) / Tim Putnam (University of Portsmouth) /Matt Ratto (Virtual Knowledge Lab Amsterdam and Bricolabs) / Willem-Jan Renger (HkU) / Alex van Someren (n-cipher) / Julie Taylor (AHRC) / Mike Taylor (Sky Movies) / Bill Thompson (Cambridge and BBC) / others to be confirmed

Artists and organization

Active Ingredient, Bad Timing, boredom research, Modified Toy Orchestra, Bricolabs, James Coupe, Mark Dixon, Eclectic Method, Karmen Franinovic & Alexander Wilson, Futuresonic, Rachel Gomme, Paul Granjon, Morten Halvorsen, The Illustrious Company, Simon Keep, Mediashed, Mongrel, Julie Myers, Platoniq, Polar Produce, Rainer Prohaska, The Sancho Plan, Duncan Speakman, Steve Symons, townley & bradby, Catherine Watling.