Audible Ecosystemics n.3b from Emergent Sonorities on Vimeo.


The Emergent Sonorities group was formed in January 2010, as part of a Digital Media Studio Project based at the University of Edinburgh. The group’s aim was to investigate an eco-systemic approach to making music, creating a system that had an inherent feedback between the input, the environment, the audio processing and the output, structurally coupling all of the elements of the composition in a network of relationships. The project is based on the ideas of Agostino Di Scipio

In Phase 1 of the project the group created and performed two pieces by composer, Agostino Di Scipio, Audible Ecosystemics n.3a (Background Noise Study) and Audible Ecosystemics n.3b (Vocal Study).

In Phase 2 of the project the group explored their own interpretation of an audible ecosystem. This phase culminated in a live performance of the work as part of the Dialogues concert series at Inspace, Edinburgh.

the emergent sonorities story from steve jones on Vimeo.

We have performed Audible Ecosystemics n3.a (Background Noise Study) at BOOM! III, a concert in Alison House, Edinburgh on 03.03.10. We have also performed n.3a (Background Noise Study) as a public installation at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh on 21.04.10.