7 - 26 OCTOBER 2005

Electrotecture is the second in a series of digital video exhibitions in the plasma screen gallery at the Millennium Galleries in Sheffield. Electrotecture is curated by Universal Everything and commissioned by Lovebytes in collaboration with Sheffield Galleries & Museums Trust.

Beyond the physical architecture of building spaces lives a whole field of conceptual and exploratory research. Architects and designers are employing digital technology to experiment with space, light and movement, allowing them to explore and expand on new concepts for the built environment. With contributions from architectural professionals from around the world, Electrotecture presents an exclusive collection of architectural visualisations, renderings, mood films, simulations and scientific models alongside music videos and personal works that push the boundaries of digital film and animation.

The 30 minute presentation includes RND#04 Economic Growth by Richard Fenwick (best known for making music videos for likes of Death In Vegas, Teenage Fanclub and Timo Maas). This graphic study of the English landscape, highlights the implications of green-belt development where idyllic hillsides are invaded by high-rise apartment blocks.

By contrast HFR-LAB seem more at ease among the urban landscape, Cityscan #3 is one of a growing series of rhythmic meditations on various cities. Tronic studios’ advertising film Bloom revels in and indeed celebrates a sleek, high-tech beauty as it follows the path of wires through an imaginary building with an aura of technical perfection that could only be computer generated.