04 - 08 SEPTEMBER 2006

Five days and nights of collaborative learning, sharing, installing and experimenting with computer technology – by women, for women.

The Eclectic Tech Carnival (/etc) is an annual nomadic event organised by an international collective of women into free technology and free culture.

What’s it about?

– women learning with women

– using and understanding FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software)

– DIY culture and collaborative information sharing

– gender and technology

– creating and distributing our own content

What will be happening?

The /etc features a programme of computer workshops during the day and cultural activities in the evening. The full programme will be on the web site closer to the time of the festival and will include the following:

– computer hardware course: take it apart, name it, and put it back together again

– Linux: learn the basics, install or share and extend your skills

– FLOSS: what is it and how you can use it?

– HTML: hand-coding web pages

– other scripting languages: Perl, Python, CSS etc

– computers as creative tools for communication: UpStage, audio and video streaming

– lecture on Creative Commons& other random analogue elements of creativity that sizzle during the event