09 - 13 SEPTEMBER 2009


The Eclectic Tech Carnival is a gathering of women & trans with a critical interest in Free Information and Open Standards technology. The event has been held annually since 2002 and creates an opportunity for women & trans to share their experiences, knowledge, skills, and network, thus: have fun!

The event creates an opportunity for women to network, exchange skills and have fun! It’s been held at least once a year since 2002, each time in a place where there is a group of women interested and willing to host and organise it. Its roots are in the Genderchangers hardware and FLOSS courses.

Women from all over the world organise the /ETC through mailing lists, IRC chat and IRL (in real life) meetings. While the main focus is to attract local women to participate, the reality is that participants travel from all over the world to attend the Eclectic Tech Carnival.

The five-days carnival will consist of workshops on installing and managing open source and free software, basic HTML and building websites, creative ways of activism, debates on alternative uses of technology and art for and within our movements and much more hands-on workshops on DIY technologies.

Participate! Just show up and participate in the workshops and debates. If you want to present a workshop, lecture, performance, and the like please hurry up and get in touch with us!

Practical Info:

Venue: /ETC will take place in the performance center/bar Haymatlos. The venue is located in the center of Istanbul, on the Istiklal Street in the Taksim district. We have two huge rooms for workshops & hangout, a bar, a stage with sound-system, and big kitchen.

Participation: The gathering is open for women & trans, particularly inviting the members of transgender community. There is no set participation fee, but we will be open for donations.

Accommodation: “mi casa e su casa” thus, we will try to host guest in our homes as much as we can. For the rest will arrange an affordable hostel.

Food: During the festival the newly formed food collective will be cooking for us vegetarian/vegan food in Lambdaistanbul and Haymatlos kitchens. Please get in touch with us if you would like to give a hand and share your cooking skills.

Affinities: This year /ETC is in coalition with Resistanbul – Coordination of Resistance Days against the IMF and WB Meeting (1-8 October). You are warmly invited to stay in Istanbul a little longer and join the resistance against the IMF and the World Bank in October.