Digicult announces its new Digimag Journal. Our magazine has changed its nature, after 72 monthly issues. A new hybrid instrument is born, open to international call for papers. The first Call is entitled “Places and Spaces” and the deadline is planned the next July 31, 2012. We wait for your papers…

Over the years Digicult has identified itself as an open project, ready to welcome the cross-contamination typical of the digital era, turning debate and hybridization into its winning features. The magazine Digimag itself has been changing, year after year, issue after issue it has morphed into a hybrid instrument able to reflect the complexity of contemporary artistic and cultural production.

Digimag has quickly become a cultural instrument, a tool for academics, reseachers, students, artists, designers, geeks and practioners who constantly break the disciplinary boundaries of different media technologies especially when they operate in the context of contemporary cultural production centers: this includes media centers and contemporary art galleries, digital art festivals and computational design meetings, music industries and experimental cinema practices, political hacktivist actions and coding and networking behaviours.

This is the reason why we decided to transform Digimag into a scholarly Journal based on articles spanning a wide range of contemporary digital and scientific fields.

So, to know more about it, please have a look here: