DesignLibrary, the first international network of design themed libraries, founded in Milan in 2006, inaugurates the summer season by contributing to the organisation and launch of Design@work: from the planning stages to the final product.

Seven years of activities and more than 195 weekly appointments with businesses, designers, universities and corporations in the design sector which resulted in the need to promote and develop concrete opportunities to stimulate the manufacturing economy based on the ‘Made in Italy’ standard.

For this reason, in collaboration with small and medium enterprises, professionals from the craft industry, local entities, designers and e-commerce platforms, DesignLibrary opens a Call for Entry to designers who would like to cement themselves into the world of work. A week-long intensive workshop on site next to craftsmen of district products from Como, Lecco and Treviso, under the supervision of 3 exceptional coaches.

Ten places are available for designers and professionals, with no age limit, who will be selected according to their portfolio and CV, which will be sent to the relevant coach of the camp (one per camp). These coaches will, in turn, supervise the project up until the final product. A team of craftsmen, professionals and business partners will make the materials, technology and their knowledge available for the realisation of the product.

Thanks to the support of the e-commerce platforms, the final product from each designer will be launched onto the market, ready to be sold online! The production of one prototype of presented projects will be guaranteed to the participants, as well as 7% of the royalties from the sales.



The camps are aimed at students from the architecture, design and engineering disciplines, as well as at professionals, architects and designers.


For all information regarding costs and the detailed program, please write to:


District: Treviso

Summary: Project: the game Aimed at: no age limit Material: wood

Challenge: eco-commerce

Coach: Matteo Ragni

Location: Cison di Valmarino (TV) Company: Ivo Fontana Mobili and Live In Partner:

Date: July 15-21, 2013

002 – SUPERABILITY: 3D printing, numerical control machines, accessories

District: Lecco

Summary: Project: wearable objects Aimed at: no age limit Material: all

Challenge: technology

Coach: Maximiliano Romero Location: Viganò Brianza (LC) Company: Regolo Style

Date: July 21-27, 2013

* Supported by a 16 hour certificated course by Rhino, Modo e Aspire.


003 – IRON VIBRATION: the sound of design.

District: Como

Summary: Project: sound of metal Aimed at: no age limit Material: iron Challenge: harmony

Coach: Lorenzo Palmeri Location: Lipomo (CO) Company: Sampietro 1927

Date: September 2-8, 2013