20-28 OCTOBER 2007

The CUM2CUT Indie-Porn-Short-Movies-Festival comes again with the Porn Competition in Berlin, 20-24 October 2007, and the Pr0n Competition on the Net, 20-28 October 2007.

It is an independent pornography competition, a four day marathon in which participants are invited to release a short film, which will be shown during the Berlin Porn Film Festival.Unlike mainstream porn, the event CUM2CUT focuses on the activities of the international, independent and countercultural queer movement and presents a platform where artists, filmmakers, djs, actors, hackers, excited minds and everyone interested can collaborate.

In this context, queer means to express sexuality beyond the boundaries of identity and to cross the limits of fixed genders and stereotypes. At the same time, the idea of being queer is closely connected with D.I.Y.: CUM2CUT² wants to encourage everyone to express themselves using their bodies and media from an independent point of view, thereby creating new experimental queer languages.

This year CUM2CUT² is raised to another level, it is not only a Porn Competition, but also a Pr0n one!

Porn Competition: pornography comes to the centre stage!
In the Porn competition, a four day long marathon, people are involved to spread all over the city of Berlin , their own idea of phorngraphy and to promote and enjoy the pleasure of sharing pornography. People who would like to mix up bodies and sexuality are invited to cum to the opening party (20 October) where a category-lottery will take place: draw your own porn genre!

Pr0n Competition: technology becomes pornography!
Aim of the pr0n competition is to find strategies, short-ways, tricks, pranks to ‘dress-up’ the technology into a porn tool. Technology is the protagonist of this competition! People have to deal with pornography using media and creating digital codes and any others video project. Whoever would like to participate in remote, now have a chance to eroticise the network, mixing codes and technology.

An expert jury formed by people involved in porn/queer subculture and experimental cinema will select winners respectively for the Porn and Pr0n Competitions. The winners will receive a prize (stay tuned…!)

In order to open not only the boundaries of sexuality but also those of artistic expression, the videos produced must be licensed under the Creative Commons.