02 MARCH 2011, 25 MARCH 2011

Creativity Day is an event entirely dedicated to the digital creative community. The 2011 edition will start radically renewed in both spirit and content: we found new locations in Milan and Rome and guests from Europe and United States for a rich program of conferences and technical workshops.

Creativity Day mix show and technical training and is dedicated to professional designer in the graphic, web and communication area. Visitors can follow conferences about works and projects made for some of the most important Italian company like Carrera, Il Sole24Ore, Alemagna, BP, Del Monte, Sky and others from the direct voice of their authors.

An amazing way of participation studied to amaze and astonish, whose aim is to leave a trace and practical spotlights in the visitor’s minds. After the conferences, each guest will conduct a workshop to teach and deepen visitors’ skills in using software to realize work as those they have just seen.

Stefano Guerrieri, Art Director of 2011 Edition, think that: “Creativity Day is meant to be at the same time an open factory, a stage and a spaceship bridge. We think ideas come before technology, but we need technology to realize projects and make business from them. We’d like to help those who make, who try hard, who create projects and things in becoming the real protagonists of the event. Creativity Day is an important kermesse for artist and agencies but we have built it around the visitors.”

Here are the dates. Creativity Day will take place in Milan, on March 2nd, at Franco Parenti Theatre and in Rome, on March 17th, inside Medprint, the biggest exposition of digital printing technology in the Mediterranean area. Show and training, amusement and technology.

We have selected a qualified list of main company as sponsors: Adobe, Roland, Apple, Nec, Hanvon, Abici… a trend that confirm the quality of the event even in a negative period for sponsorships. Thanks to blog and professional sites Creativity Day aroused a good interest, especially for is aim: give a precise and dedicated information to an highly skilled target.

Creativity Day has been made to let people enjoy learning and training, sharing things and ideas, contaminating, comparing and updating on the latest technologies. This is why institutional subjects as Aiap, Assintel, and the Province of Milan decided to give their patronage to the 2011 edition.