19 FEBRUARY - 29 APRIL 2011

With: Harm van den Berg, Jonas Bohatsch, Stijn Demeulenaere, Aaron Koblin & Chris Milk, LoVid, Thomson & Craighead, Roel Wouters & Jonathan Puckey

The eleventh edition of the annual 5 Days Off festival will take place from 2 through 6 March, 2011, showcasing the latest developments surrounding electronic music. The culture of electronic music, DJ’s and VJ’s, remixing and clips is also the starting point for the arts program of 5 Days Off, which opens under the title 5 Days On, on 18 February with an exhibition in the NIMk (Netherlands Media Art Institute) in Amsterdam, Cloud Sounds.

5 Days On is the arts program of the 5 Days Off festival, and in addition to an exhibition in the NIMk presents a program in Paradiso and the Melkweg with live electronic music accompanying avant garde classics from experimental cinema (Cine Sonic), and a program with new works for the ground-breaking audio installation Wave Field Synthesis.

In the exhibition Cloud Sounds the artists use musical subjects and processes for their art productions. Cloud Sounds explores new production methods in the visual arts in which the input from the public is important. Social media and other Web 2.0 participatory procedures on the internet create new possibilities for the production of art.

A number of artists make use of online possibilities such as crowdsourcing or mechanical turking, in which internet users cooperate on the realisation of the artwork. Through this, at various points visitors, fans or other online participants wittingly or unwittingly join in ‘producing’ the end result. In a number of cases exhibitions can also be ‘co-produced’ or ‘co-created’ in this way. The admonition ‘don’t touch’ is replaced by ‘join in’.

Cloud Sounds will take place from 19 February through 29 April at the Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk). During the 5 Days Off festival (2-6 March), in connection with the exhibition there will be special performances, appearances and workshops by Duncan Speakman and Nomadic Sound System (Benjamin Newland), among others.