Hangar Bicocca - Milan
21-09-2012 / 02-12-2102

On 20 September HangarBicocca presents unidisplay, the audiovisual installation by Carsten Nicolai, the German artist, musician and leading player in contemporary research on the rapport between electronic music and images: unidisplay is an impressive installation created specifically for the nave of
HangarBicocca (curated by Chiara Bertola and Andrea Lissoni).

The project—sponsored by Pirelli, which is also one of the charter members of HangarBicocca—consists of a single wall/display that is 50 metres long, flanked by two reflecting walls at the corners, thus expanding the images ad infinitum.

It is a powerful work that interacts with the industrial dimensions of HangarBicocca and Anselm Kiefer’s immense Seven Heavenly Palaces. The installation is based on a series of modules with different visual effects: constantly changing abstract forms processed with software that can attribute signs and colours to the decomposition of sound.

The images interfere with the spectator’s perception through optical illusion, the flicker effect, imperceptible movements and the complementariness of colours. The public, involved on a sensory level, is thus facing sequences, motifs and graphic forms with various units of time that are alternated and follow each other like an enormous abstract fresco in motion. Rhythms, forms and colours converge, offering visitors a powerful perceptual experience and a transversal immersion in the world of visual and sound art.

On 29 November, at HangarBicocca (9pm), Carsten Nicolai, alias Alva Noto, will hold an audiovisual performance titled univrs/uniscope 2012, using the installation unidisplay as an architectural environment.