Opening: 29 November 2007

Exhibition: 30 November – 1 December 2007
Conferences: 1 December 2007


After the first edition in 2006, C.Stem is back again, aiming to a further exploration of the applications of electronic systems in cultural and artistic fields. Thanks to the support given by local institutions and partners, C.stem 2007 is going to present a reasoned selection of artists, works and tools, in order to elaborate on the influence of generative practices in the wider context of arts and graphic design.

C.Stem 2007 will focus on generative systems as a tool as well as medium to draw new conceptual and creative paths, exploring its ongoing and future relations with design, the natural common environment where creativity meets technology. During the two days following the 29th November’s opening party, the festival is going to show a gallery and offer an open lecture cycle with the starring artists. A three days lectures and exhibitions event, hosted by Progetto Cluster/AB+, 32 Dicembre Cultural Association and NADA Cultural Association.

Opening Party, November 29th at AB+ Club will host the press conference and the A/V performance by Valerio Spoletini (www.v-scratch.net). A printed catalogue will be published after the festival, documenting C.Stem 2007 activities and featuring contributions by artists and curators and will be the starting point for 2008 edition, that is going to be part of the official TorinoWorldDesignCapital programme.

Artists & works (asked):

Nodebox Project (nodebox.net) [B] Boris Muller (www.esono.com) [D] Michael Schmitz (www.genotyp.com) [D] Ricard Marxer Piñón (www.ricardmarxer.com) [E] Jonathan Puckey (www.jonathanpuckey.com) [NL] Works (asked):
Alex Dragulescu [USA] Andreas Schlegel [D] Jared Tarbell [USA] Andreas Koller [A]

C.Stem is an initiative by:
NADA Cultural Association
With the sponsorship of: Regione Piemonte, Progetto Cluster
and supportet by: TorinoWorldDesignCapital