21 JUNE 2007


BLOG is a collective exhibition where narrative is reinterpreted. Twenty artists take part in the creation of pieces that allude to the statement of a list of events like in a logbook.

On June 21 2007 from 7:00pm Galería Candela, Old San Juan, will be BLOG’s stage. Local and international artists have decided to present videos, images, photography, installations and literary pieces where some of these depend on the direct interaction with the spectator.

BLOG is curated by REPUESTO and Kristine Serviá . It’s one a series of eight exhibitions that will be appearing in Galería Candela during the months of June to September. The electronic log is analyzed as an alternate way of communication where an author presents ideas, some of them miscellaneous, which accept commentaries of its recipients turning them into parallel protagonists or authors to the original one.

In this manifestation there are arguments on consumption and subversion, writing systems and narrative modalities. Likewise temporality, association and technology are reinterpreted. The works study and promote the critical analysis on environmental or social modals. This bears in mind notions from fundamental authors on semiotics such as Peirce and Greimas about the relation among known object and the subject that interprets it.

Kristine Serviá, Nicole Rodríguez, Fernando Pintado, Rosemarie Perea, José Tomás, Jomi, Omar Obdulio Peña Forti, Javier Nicolau-Lopez, Jacob Morales, Jason Mena, Matt Hanner (Chicago) and W&N are some of the twenty artists who play with narrative in their works. These alter chronology’s order placing causality as basic figure.

Works like “Album”, by Nora Maite Nieves , play with reality’s relativity. Luis M. Rodríguez manipulates codification systems taking the Inca’s Kipu as an example, while Zoraida López documents the processes in a bread factory. Jennifer Shmidt ( Boston ) reveals her posters with which she explores diverse dichotomies related to the identity.

Michelle Miner shows photos that possess conversations of different blogs. Miguel A. Torress dismantles perceptions creating objects with didactic traditional modals and Teresa López exhibits a series of photographs that present a paradox between exotic bird colonies and humans. On his work Terence Hannum ( Chicago ) shows a work on the culture and experimental musical scene.

REPUESTO is a project, originated by W&N, for the development of investigation and artistic production which name suggests the substitution of spaces and a traditional media for new and different alternatives. It summons for the autonomic affirmation of every artist, liberating him or her of habitual situations by which could be limited.