17 - 25 SEPTEMBER 2010


Beyond drawing, Jenny Pickett questions the nude genre with a
crossdisciplinary attitude. Portaits & drawings are developed through
sound and image. Astract forms that become soft furnishings. Reclining Nude is a series of upholstered sound sculptures referring
to the de-constructed body through objectification and/or dehumanisation
by various means – The Body is reconstructed through spacial Sound
drawings or re-materialise as felt vibrations of the viewer when in
contact with certain works.

Jenny Pickett is an interactive video, installation & sound artist –
works at APO33, a Nantes based research lab. She mixes puredata and
other FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) tools & DIY electronics
with discarded objects & electronic hardware to create installations and
sculptures that often react or interact with an audience or an environment.

APO33, as an interdisciplinary laboratory drawing on the artistic and
technological fields
, fosters various collective projects associating
research, experimentation and social intervention.
In the continuity of the dynamics that has been opened by the free
software movement, apo33 is structured as a modular space, initiating
collaborative projects and creative processes, as well as exploring new
artistic and creative modes of production and diffusion

CONFERENCE – Tuesday, 21st of September
“Les paysage sonore du corps”

Jenny Pickett will give a talk on her installation at Apo33 and concepts
that surrond it. “What the most important object in the audiovisual representation? The
Human Body. What is the most immediate and short meeting between those
two objects? A physical blow.”-
Michel Chion

WORKSHOP – Tuesday, 28th of September
UPSTAGE /// audio / video collaborative software for online performance

Virtual stage for internet live. – http: //upstage.org.nz:8084

CONFERENCE – Thursday, 30th of September
DORKBOT-NANTES #2 “People doing strange things with electricity”

Dorbot-Nantes is a monthly meeting of artists (sound/image/movement/whatever), designers, engineers, students, scientists, and other interested parties from the Nantes area who are involved in the creative use of electricity. dorkbot meetings are free and open to the public.

-Tesla coil or free & libre electricity- expérience
-Pierre-guillaume Clos – midi controle modules DIY
-Thomas Bernardi – Circuit bend
-Alis44 – reccycled libre machine
-Jean-François Rolez – beagleboard

WORKSHOP-RESEARCH – from 4 to 10th of October
EXPERIMENTAL WORKSHOP SPACE# 1: Upstage Festival & site-specific audio / visual Research

A new framework for APO33 experimentation where Apo33 members, guests and participants are invited to work on projects (ideas, concepts, objects, medium…) together.The results could be presented to the public as performance, installation, exhibition, screening, conference or any other forms.

101010 UPSTAGE FESTIVAL / Results of Experimental Workshop Space & Performance diffusion

Upstage is Virtual stage for internet live, it’s also an online festival, AP033 will host the festival for one day.


Bishop Bishop (Sheila Bishop), Josh Cajinarobleto & Mitzi MIze (USA),
Katarina DJ. Urosevic & Jelena Lalic (Serbia)
Miljana Peric, Julijana Protic, Jelena Milosavljevic-Rubil, Goran Rubil
(Serbia), Andrea Ass (Germany) & Suzon Fuks (Australia)
APO33, lead by Jenny Pickett (France)
Alexa Wilson (NZ/Germany) & Cat Ruka (NZ)
Helga Hofbauer & Lilly Axster (Vienna)
Vicki Smith (Aotearoa/NZ) & Helen Varley Jamieson (NZ/Germany)
Schaumbad – Freies Atelierhaus Graz (Austria)
Paula Crutchlow (UK) & Helen Varley Jamieson (NZ/Germany)
Joanne, Ellen and Hannah (New Zealand)
Virtual Theatre (Canada)
Nathalie Fougeras (France/Sweden) & Malin Ståhl (Sweden/UK)
Francesco Buonaiuto, Mario Ferrigno (Naples, Italy)
Darko Milicevic (Linz, Austria)
Suzon Fuks (Australia), Miljana Peric (Serbia) and Tara Rebele (USA)
ActiveLayers (Australia, NZ, UK)
Jung-Hua Liu (UK)
Cindi L’Abbe & others (New Hampshire, USA)
Kristin Carlson (Canada) & Sheila Paige (USA)


PRESENTATION / DEMONSTRATION – Tuesday, 19th of October
APODIO 8 – Launch / demonstration & apéritif

APODIO is a GNU/Linux platform developed by Apo33, containing audio, text-friendly, 3D, Streaming, graphic, Live Coding and video tools. It can be used as a liveDVD or be installed on a partition of your hard disk (on any PC 32bits to Mac Intel).We invite to come and have a sneak preview of the new Apodio following
an intensive week developing the latest version in August. – http://www.apodio.org

EXHIBITION – From 2nd to 6th of November

The longest tape loop in the world everyday performance with the artists:

Andy Bolus (Evil Moisture) UK http: //www. index.ht
Andrew Sharpley (ex- Stock, Hausen & Walkman, A&E) UK

CONCERT – Friday, 5th of November

Percussions, Amplified performances, Strobe, Noise, Distortion, Harsh, Electronics…

KKNULL & THENOISER – FR/JAP (Electronic noise drone, noisy and loud!
Z’EV & RYAN JORDAN – UK (Ultra saturated noise, percussion and Strobe)
JEAN-MARC SAVIC – FR (Amplified percussion played with feet and other lectric sources)
SEMANTIK – FR (Soundcsape, noise and phonography)

WORKSHOP-RESEARCH – from 9th to 12th of November
EXPERIMENTAL WORKSHOP SPACE# 2: low-fi no-cinéma, instant soundtrack & collaborative scenario

A new framework for APO33 experimentation where Apo33 members, guests and participants are invited to work on projects (ideas, concepts, objects, medium…) together.The results could be presented to the public as performance, installation, exhibition, screening, conference or any other forms.

CONCERT – Friday, 5th of December

concrete music, electronic, puredata, lights, noise, strobes, phonography, drone…

MARC BEHRENS – ALL/PT (concrete musique & spatialization)
DOMENICO SCIAJNO – IT (lights & interactive sound)
JULIEN OTTAVI – FR (White noise, black and pink, harsh symphony)
XABIER ERKIZIA – ES (electronics, computer & soundscape)
RYAN JORDAN – UK (Strobe, interactive sensors, arduino & noise)
JULIEN POIDEVIN – FR (Noise and Phonography)

REGULAR WORKSHOP – Every first wednesday of the month

Workshop for APO33 members, come on join the crew & discover Apodio & lots of free libre software available on this local brewed operating system.


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