22 JULY 2006

Bushwick Art Project (BAP) presents BAPLab, a festival celebrating digital art, music and culture with 16 hours of new media art installations, video work and electronic music from across the audio and visual spectrum.

Culling artists from the rosters of the MoMA, The Whitney Museum, and the Venice Biennial along with musicians from labels such as M-NUS, Line, Kranky, Ghostly International and Clink Recordings, BAPLab is featuring over 80 musicians, performers, visual artists, new media installations and DJs side by side. BAPLab is a call to arms to the disparate tribes of New York’s digital-futurists, drawing together from among the best and the brightest of a new generation of artists and musicians.

BAPLab provides attendees with a snapshot of the contemporary digital and new media arts scene, with an international roster of both emerging and established artists such as Guy Ben-Ner and Benton-C Bainbridge . The atmosphere is part high tech museum and part digital community workshop, opening participants, not just contributors, to a free-form dialog on evolution, technology, and identity in this modern era. Consider two fledgling yet world-class events, a junior Sonar and a cosmopolitan Biennial-in-training, and you have BAPLab.

In contrast to the BAP Fall Festival 2005, which drew over 4000 people and was anchored by dance music legend John Tejada, this year’s installment focuses on emerging talent – the hungry generation destined to knock down doors in the near future. The BAPLab seeks to become an integral part of moving this upcoming pool of talent forward to a position of prominence by developing a symbiotic network of creative expression and high profile spectacle.

BAPLab hosts musicians that are exemplary in their fields including the ultra minimalist, MOMA approved Richard Chartier (LINE / Raster-Noton), Harvard Sound Lab’s Keith Fullerton Whitman (Kranky), laser koto virtuoso Miya Masaoka, URB’s “Next 100” Veteran Lusine (Ghostly International) and folktronica maestro Khonnor (Type Records). A cross section of the producers and DJs currently redefining techno round out the night, including Richie Hawtin label mate Ryan Crosson, Magda and Troy Pierce favorite Camea and Insideout (Clink Recordings), Force Tracks’ Hakan Lidbo, and Ghostly International’s Ryan Elliot.

BAPLab also hosts over 40 sound, video and new media artists. Among the talent presented this year is video artist Guy Ben-Ner, who recently represented Israel at the 51st Venice Biennale. Curated spaces by electromagnetic arts collective, free103point9, present an exploration of Transmission Arts, featuring air-wave invading installation works by artists 31 Down, Paul Davies, and Tarikh Korula. The full roster boasts artists who have exhibited in venues from Reina Sofia in Madrid to the ICA in Philadelphia, the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati and the MoMA here in NYC, all the while giving equal time and exposure to the lesser known community of experimental geniuses who inhabit the far reaches of Bushwick and beyond.  New art and new music, a perfect point-counterpoint to the digital revolution. The BAPLab will envelop you in a day of wonder, amazement and celebration. Do not miss this event.

Confirmed Artists:

Craig Colorusso
Judd Greenstein
Jackson Moore
Miya Masaoka
Richard Chartier
Keith Fullerton Whitman
Stars Like Fleas
Change The Station
Nate Boyce
Lance Blisters
David Linton, Charles Cohen, Anthony Coleman Trio
Harkness A/V Salon featuring Mighty Robot A/V Squad
Nick Hallett
Sonogrammar: Richard Garet, Andy Graydon, MPLD, Ian Epps and Ben Owen
Benoit Pioulard
Landau Orchestra
Insideout & Camea
Ryan Elliott
Ryan Crosson
Hakan Lidbo
Surprise Guest
RJ Valeo
David Last
Nicholas Sauser
Tim Xavier
Nick AC (Robots)
Wolf + Lamb
Eva & Igal (Loft N Space)
Bruce Tovsky
Ray Sweeten
Fair Use Trio: Zach Layton, Luke DuBois & Matty Ostrowski
David First
Morgan Packard
Ezekiel Honig