09 - 11 / 05 / 2013


The title for the edition of Toolkit Festival 2013 is “Contemplative Pathways” ;  to give a global point of view, to show a vision of what occurs in the same time as performer and observer in the interactive area. To show the public an action, often uninhibited within the opera, to bring back its vision, lost in the perfomative act. 

The observer is invited to create with his own presence , to inhibit his view on the comprehension of singular elements. Often the artist finds himself becoming the observer in front of the fulfillment of the opera. The inquiry we ask to explore is to keep in consideration all these landscapes, re-elaborating a further stage of the space “in execution” to create once again an image, a kind of observer of itself.

The research will be developed in three different areas: Installation, Audio / Visual Performance and Live Media:

The section Installations, traditionally held at the A plus A gallery | Slovenian Exhibition Centre, will present an exhibition of interactive works that will accompany the whole event and will give to the public the opportunity of a direct interaction. In particular, priority will be given to works that can establish a dynamic dialogue with the visitor, showing a strong artistic research applied to the creation of immersive environments, kinetic art, electronics, audio and video installations.

The Audio / Visual Performance is meant to continue the research carried out last year at palazzo Ca ‘Dolfin, promoting interactive performance, and will gather artists or groups able to move between contemporary dance and audio/video manipulation, focusing on the themes of interactivity between the artist, the work and the environment.

Live Media will be dedicated to artists working in the field of electronic music. The call is adressed to artists that express themselves in the form of a live set – with a complete freedom under a stylistic profile – combining musical sensitivity and use of technology for research purposes.


The participation is free and open to artists of every nationality of age between 20 and 35 years old. The deadline for the subscription is January  21st  2013. As previously stated, only works that explore and realize – with the contribution of technology – the theme of the interaction between artist, exhibition space and observer will be admitted to the contest. We will therefore accept only interactive interventions such as: Installations, Audio/Visual Performance and Live Media.

– every participant can submit and present only one opera;

– it is possible to participate in a group by indicating a representative leader;

– every participant can take part in only one group, or will else be disqualified;

– subscriptions can occur exclusively through the official website of the festival.

Every participant (or group leader) must submit:

– Personal data

– Portfolio and CV

– A web link we can refer to

– A description of the project with which is intended to participate (conceptual and artistic details of the work, max 1500 words)

– 2 images and link to the video of the artwork (jpg – max 1MB cad.)

– Eventual specific techniques and timing of the performance/artwork

The relative documentation must be submitted in Italian and English. International artists can present the documentation in English. Once all the documentation will have been sent it will be impossible to alter or edit the material, nor will it be possible to upload new material or substitute the material that has been already uploaded.


All the projects must to be sent before January 21st 2013. All projects sent after the deadline will not be accepted. The participants will have to guarantee the originality and paternity of their work – any plagiarism will be disqualified. The list of selected projects will be published on the website and released in the press before February 2013.