07-08 JULY 2007

Ebria Records is an independent record label established in 2003 involved in bringing out and promoting musical innovation. In the last 4 years Ebria released records of italian musicians working in the area of ìexperimental musicî: from impro to noise, from minimalism to free-form rock, from electronics to jazz-attitude. Ebria Records don’t want to stuck on a musical genre, but has the intent to release musics pushing the pedal of research: ìW e focus on soundî. BAAFest is the (as called in the first 3 editions) Free-Impro-Minimal-Core festival organized by Ebria Records in Milano c/o La Stecca degli Artigiani.

BAAFest is the main event organized by Ebria Records and represents the top of an year of work: looking for new artists to produce, discover new music to enjoy, creating new reletionships with musicians, other labels, locations and even playing music (all the three members of Ebria are musicians). So… BAAFest is the ìopportunityî to join together known and less-known italian or foreign musicians working in the area of experimental musics (free, minimal, impro, electronic, etc.), creating an event focused on music and relationships between the people involved: the guys at Ebria, musicians and people at the concert. ìW e focus on music and climaxî. BAAFest would be a picture of a different way of playing, listening and living music.