29 FEBRUARY - 8 MARCH 2008

The AV Festival is a biennial international festival of electronic art, moving image and music. AV Festival 08: Broadcast will take place across the three urban areas of NewcastleGateshead, Sunderland & Middlesbrough, 28 February – 8 March 2008.

The theme of the festival is broadcast. The UK has begun to switch off analogue television signals, paving the way for television to become entirely digital. At the same time the internet and mobile networks have created opportunities for us to ‘broadcast ourselves’ in entirely new ways. As the landscape of broadcasting changes irrevocably, AV Festival 08 will be a catalyst for debate about the future of broadcasting, and an event to celebrate a century of on-air and online transmission.

For AV Festival 08, artists, filmmakers and musicians have created works which illuminate all aspects of broadcasting. Policy-makers, researchers and activists will discuss the switch off and speculate about the future of radio, television and the spectrum (The Television will Not be Revolutionised, 6-7 March & Community Radio Night, 4 March). Engineers, technologists and hobbyists will give hands-on workshops in transmission technology (Radio Craft Lab & Waygood’s Radio Rally). Concerts and events will commemorate broadcasting accomplishments and celebrate a century of the airwaves (Variations VII, 29 February, Radiophonia, 1 March, and War of the Worlds, 5 March).

AV Festival 08: Broadcast features of over 100 new commissions, exhibitions, screenings, concerts, workshops and events, including:

– a new performance of John Cage’s Variations VII performed by :zoviet*france: & Atau Tanaka

– a newly commissioned outdoor performance by Marko Peljhan

– a contemporary version of the famous radio War of the Worlds radio play, directed by Joanna Read

– performances by Autechre, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Broadcast, Disinformation, Long Range & many others

– a newly commissioned sound installations by Chris Watson, Marcus Coates, People Like Us and others

– exhibitions by Joyce Hinterding, Harun Farocki, Staalplaat Soundsystem, Yuko Mohri, Sonia Boyce, Ryota Kuwakubo and others

– a major new touring exhibition, Broadcast Yourself, featuring Bill Viola, Chris Burden, Nina Pope & Karen Guthrie & others

– a conference featuring Atau Tanaka, Douglas Kahn, Brandan Labelle, Heidi Grundmann, Andreas Broeckmann, Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec & others

– workshops lead by Tetsuo Kogawa, Raitis Smits, Caitlin Jones and others

– a screening programme of bold and innovative television

– 3 FM radio stations, including Resonance FM broadcasting from mima in Middlesbrough