The Gesundheit Radio from James Chambers on Vimeo.


The Attenborough Design Group is a fictional organisation, created by James Chambers and Tom Judd. It investigates the use of animal behaviours to defend emerging technologies. These products include the Gesundheit Radio, which sneezes periodically to expel potentially damaging dust, Floppy Legs, a portable floppy disk drive which stands up if it detects liquid nearby, and the AntiTouch Lamp, which sways away from you if you get too close to its sensitive halogen bulb.

The Gesundheit Radio

Developed as a protection against dust which was particularly threatening to early microprocessors, the Gesundheit Radio sneezes every six months to expel potentially damaging material from it‘s interior. A bellows system extracts the dust from inside the unit, blowing waste from two nostrils located on the front.

Floppy Legs Portable Hard Drive from James Chambers on Vimeo.

Floppy Legs

A portable disk drive designed to protect the 3.5” disk format from damage. If liquid is spilled near the unit retractable legs raise it from the surface, both preserving the unit and allowing the owner time to clean up the spill.

Antitouch Lamp

Halogen bulbs are very efficient, however touching them with bare hands drastically shortens bulb life. The antitouch lamp boasts proximity sensors in the base so it can sway out of the way and avoid being touched.

AntiTouch Lamp from James Chambers on Vimeo.