09 - 14 FEBRUARY 2010

In On Gaps and Silent Documents international artists question the absence of documents and data in archives, data banks and memory. What is missing? Has it never been there or has it been removed? Does available information exist that is not looked at, read or used? Archives and data banks are primarily determined by these gaps and silent documents.

As Sven Spieker notes, “Archives are less concerned with memory than with the necessity to discard, erase, eliminate.” Creating archives is continual selection. As such, it reveals the priorities and blind spots of the keeper of the archives, his world and his time.

Since the beginning of time, ‘forgetting’ was always the norm. ‘Remembering’ was the exception. In this age of continuously transforming technology and worldwide networks, this balance seems to be shifting. Is it true that in our time, with its excessive storage capacity, everything is obsessively being saved? More and more, we face the question of whether we have the right to create our own gaps, to silence documents and erase our own traces. Privacy, intellectual property and censorship in our digital networked society require different and complex solutions.

‘On Gaps and Silent Documents’ uses ‘new’ and ‘old’ media and technologies, such as the Internet, websites, Google, newspapers, texts, books, film and video, photography, music scores, sound, telephones, Twitter, online newsgroups, printers, microfilm, light, computers, etc., to approach the theme of Artefact festival from different (sometimes paradoxical) perspectives and question it in spatial installations, presentations and performances.

expo | Alfredo Jaar РSharon Daniel РMariana Castillo Deball РManfred Werder РYann S̩randour РHaris Epaminonda & Daniel Gustav Cramer РDaniel Knorr РAnita Di Bianco РSebastian Romo РLisa Oppenheim РJoseph Cornell РJonas Mekas Рdeepblue РRafael Lozano-Hemmer РElmgreen & Dragset РChristian Andersson РYunchul Kim РCarlos katastrofsky РJens Wunderling Рde Geuzen РHasan Elahi РBen Rubin РAntoni Muntadas

performance | Ellen Fullman & Konrad Sprenger – Luis Recoder / Sandra Gibson / Ben Owen – Martin Nachbar – deepblue – William Hooker

labo nights | Clark + AKS – Lars Horntveth & Emanon – Lyenn + John Hopkins – Nurse With Wound