13-18 FEBRUARY 2007

Presence and absence. Visible and invisible. This year, ARTEFACT focuses on artists working within these fields of tension. When do things become invisible, or where are they appearing? The confrontation with the visitor’s view is most important and the art works very often seem to look back. STUK is filled with empty, but promising spaces, images and constructions. Mirrors and virtual mirrors appear everywhere. Light surprises in the dark. See or don’t see, but come and watch.

During the ARTEFACT festival, an experimental program is presented throughout the STUK building. The international program doesn’t focus on ‘new technology’ as such. It rather places themes and research areas in the field of new media in a larger context.


Wesley Meuris – the incredible nightlife in the tropical forest / Jim Campbell – home movies – divide – reconstruction / Maurice Van Tellingen – monitor – loudspeaker – venster / Michael Snow – solar breath (northern cariatyds) / Christophe Girardet – absence / Rafael Lozano-Hemmer close up / Matthias Müller – phantom / Lawrence Malstaf – tollen / Jonathan Schipper – invisible sphere / Wim Janssen – slightly displaced, yet still focused / Workspace Unlimited – spac(e)scapes_mirror / John F. Simon, JR. – every icon / Vuk Cosic – ascii history of moving images / Zoe Beloff – the ideoplastic materializations of eva c. / Victor Kossakovsky – svyato / Sam Taylor-Wood – prelude in air – ascension – strings / Herman Asselberghs – futur antérieur


Brice Leroux – quantum quintet / Arco Renz – P.O.P.E.R.A / Monolake – studies for thunder live / Jaap Blonk & Golan Levin – ursonography


Tapio Mäkelä / TROIKA / Peter Westenberg / Marc Godts


Bernard Parmegiani / Bernhard Günter / Ictus – for Philip Guston – Morton Feldman / Thomas Brinkmann – klick live / Sleeparchive / Kode9 + the Spaceape / Virus Syndicate / Nathan Fake / Andy Stott