07 APRIL 2007

PVA MediaLab symposium and open debate – 1:30 pm – 9pm 

Art, Lifestyle and Globalisation is a one day intensive event opening up debates across the realms of modern life. The event deliberately bites off more than it can chew – raising more questions than can be answered
– mirroring the complex signals of digital life. A series of guests will present their ideas on technology, activism and culture. Artist John Jordan reflects on the role of artist as activist, while Bella Dicks (Cardiff School of Social Sciences) talks about the difficulties and implications of putting culture on display. Tim Kindberg (Hewlett Packard) discusses his research into active bar codes while Jemima Rellie (Head of Digital Programmes, Tate Modern) reflects on how we curate culture through networks. The event is chaired by Anne Nigten (Director of V2_Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam).

In the run up to the symposium, a series of independent voices from around the world will be asked to reflect on a number of questions, which will in turn be fed back into the day.

– Has Marshall McLuhan’s global village gone tribal?

– Is cooperation the new corporation?

– How democratic are the new web2 spaces? (MySpace, YouTube)

– Who owns the internet?

– Which MP3 player should I buy?

– Why are more and more artists turning to open source strategies?

– Are art and activism opposites or alike?

– Is corporate money driving the cultural agenda?

This event is a collaboration between PVA MediaLab, Tate Modern and alias with additional support from London College of Communication.