Broadcast on Aligre FM 93.1
01 / 10 / 2014 - 30 / 09 / 2015

“Using radio, we transpose our work and the skills of the choreographer by applying his/her injunctions, orders and incentives to the listener. The displacement of the choreographer’s authority through the use of radio plays with the qualities and restrictions of the radio system itself. Our strategy lies in combining the specific character of radio and the choreographer’s authoritarian ascendancy over the body to highlight which specific conditioning and regulations our society casts over individuals. Each session applies a principle of injunction and authority inherent in or in relation to our practice (orders, exhortations, systems of enunciation, rhythmic scores). The sessions have different lengths. Their purpose is for radio broadcasting only. Each session has its own format and programming procedure according to its nature, its radiophonic status and the intended impact.”

Created at BAC-Baltic Art Center during their residency, Annie Vigier’s and Franck Apertet’s strategy You are a dancer reapproaches radio as a source, a vector of recognition, and as a democratic medium.

Because it reaches the person in his or her intimate sphere, radio allows one to act without discrimination. Pierre Bal-Blanc (director, CAC Brétigny) with Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet (les gens d’Uterpan) challenges in collaboration with Philippe Vannini (president, Aligre FM 93.1) the expanding of exhibition space to the radio. In the frame of their residency at CAC Brétigny (since 2009), the artists activate through Aligre FM 93.1 You are a dancer during one year.

Jingle format: You are a fucking dancer, 4 seconds
Hit single format: Radio skills arouse the idiot czar, 3:35 minutes
Review format: What’s new, 3:31 minutes
Lesson format: 360°, 6:15 minutes
Report format: Lets get oriented, 8:17 minutes
Documentary format: Notation, 29:42 minutes

Concept: Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet (les gens d’Uterpan)
Recording and sound design: Nicolas Martz
Texts: Franck Apertet and Annie Vigier
Translation: Dominic Gould
Speakers: Franck Apertet, Dominic Gould, Annie Vigier
Contribution: Laurent Seigneur, Davide Napoli
Consultant: Hassane M’Béchour
Translation and French recording sessions: CAC Brétigny


The work by Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet examines the norms that define dance and the fine arts. It has been presented at (selection): Tate Modern, London; Kunsthalle Basel; Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo; Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw; Berlin Biennial of Contemporary Art; Nam June Paik Art Center, Seoul; MSU Zagreb; CAC Vilnius; MAC Lyon; Palais de Tokyo, Paris; YAY! Gallery & Museum Center, Baku…

The Center of contemporary art Brétigny is situated in the southern suburbs of Paris. Its revised and redeveloped missions place artistic creation and education at the forefront of its main activities of production, exhibition, and documentation. Concurrently a continual process of evolution is emphasized as the basis of the center’s program.

BAC-Baltic Art Center, Gotland, Sweden (Livia Páldi, director), is a production office, a research, work- and meeting place for artists, curators, contemporary art writers, and thinkers that develops and runs a variety of production and residency programs. BAC brings together different practices through collaborations with international, national, and local partners that have a critical engagement with ways of thinking around our contemporary conditions.

Aligre FM 93.1 is a historical radio of the Parisian FM band. For more than 30 years, it cares about highlighting the cultural and artistic diversity in Ile-de-France. Being primarily engaged in the promotion of human rights, Aligre FM 93.1 has always shown an active attitude toward the fight against any kind of discrimination.

Partners: CAC Brétigny, Radio Aligre FM 93.1

You are a dancer was commissioned and produced by BAC-Baltic Art Center in the framework of its Production-in-residence program 2012 with the kind support of Stiftelsen framtidens kultur