Quite a few gigs coming up where the Addictive TV guys perform both their two current audio/visual shows: their DVJ club sets, spinning on DVD turntables remixing movies with audiovisual mash-ups and their live cinema performance “The Eye of the Pilot”.


January 27 : AV club set @ Club Moa, Geneva, Switzerland
January 28 : VJ set @ L’Usine, Geneva, Switzerland
February 10 : AV set, Sheffield, UK
February 25 : AV set @ Carnival, Madrid, Spain
March 10 : “The Eye of the Pilot” @ Watermans, London, UK
March 18 : AV set @ Bonn, Germany
March 24 : “The Eye of the Pilot” @ STRP Festival, Holland
March 25 : AV club set @ STRP Festival, Holland
April 4 : AV set @ Colchester, UK
April 14 : AV club set, Prague , Czech Republic
April 15 : AV club set @ Tilt Festival, Perpignan, France (tbc)
May 1 : “The Eye of the Pilot” @ San Francisco Int’l Film Festival, USA
May 3 : AV club set @ San Francisco Int’l Film Festival , USA

Also, right now, the Addictive TV / GHP mash-up of Blondie vs The Doors (out now on EMI) is getting a lot of airplay on TV, especially on the MTV channels – MTV Dance, MTV Hits and both VH1 and VH2; it’s online on our site and still up on the Ibiza-Voice website www.ibiza-voice.com/news/news.php?id=716  (with some other Addictive TV audio/visual remixes).