02 FEBRUARY 2012

on Thursday, February 2
at the Cafe’ Stage at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

As part of the new reSource program launched at transmediale 2012, Activism beyond the interface: the sandbox project is an experimental production lab bringing together artists, activists and techies to reflect creatively on the in/compatibility and diversity of artivist practices. This is part of a series of labs that took place in Toronto in 2011 and will travel to Montreal, Mexico City and New York in 2012.

The initiative seeks to acknowledge and nurture the work of individuals and communities operating both locally and internationally in the fields of artivism, hacktivism, media activism and other political-aesthetic trouble-making practices. Participants with different backgrounds, perspectives and strategies will meet in a relaxed and fun environment to rethink and hack into the notion of in/compatibility.

The Berlin Sandbox is a two-part playful live collaboration consisting of a preliminary “Lab” (3 hours) followed by a “multimedia intervention” (2 hours) jamming the relationship between online and offline platforms for collaboration (and their ethical, financial and aesthetic expressions). While the lab will consist of a series of activities and pre-mediated discussions that draw on concepts from open source and social justice activism, the multimedia intervention will be up to all of us to develop.

All participants’ knowledge and skills will be valued as we experiment with different media (including food, so, if you are not a trouble-maker but like food, the sandbox is still where you want to be) and draw on our conversations to reprogram the Cafe’ Stage at HKW as a space of (socio-technical) in/compatibility. We would be thrilled to have you as part of our Berlin event. Both lab and multimedia intervention will take place on Thursday, February 2 at the Cafe’ Stage at HKW and are free.

About the curators:

Roberta Buiani works at the intersection between science, technology and the arts, challenging their traditional uses and looking for threads that facilitate cross-communication between disciplines, individuals and creativity. This consideration has brought her to Cambridge, London, Turin and Montreal. She investigates the role of the “viral” as concept and creative practice that carries potentials to transform social customs and communication. Her (satirical) viral interventions (”The Viral-Knitting Project,” “Megaphone Choir,” “YorkisUs”) are always the result of collective collaborations.

Alessandra Renzi likes to DIY media to bring together disparate groups and communities, experimenting with collective forms of inquiry and narration. She collaborates with the pirate television collective insu^tv in Naples, Italy, the G20 Alt Media Centre and Institute for Community Inquiry in Toronto, Canada. Alessandra is also a fellow at Infoscape Centre for the Study of Social Media, Ryerson University in Toronto where she conducts research on the criminalization of dissent, and on the design and use of FOSS platforms for collaborative media-making.