Launched by project59 in the spring of 2005 at 59 Franklin Street in Tribeca, the 59 Seconds Festival is an alternative festival and research media project. Unlike traditional annual or biannual film/video festivals, 59 Seconds is a one time project. Artists are encouraged to submit 59 seconds long works that incorporate number 59 in any manner. Works are being collected through a series of open calls until the final collection of the best 59 videos has been selected with help of national and international audiences during a series of 59 screenings.

59 Seconds Festival is a play off as well as a metaphor for the short video format, that gives an opportunity to introduce 59 international artists and a wide range of video works – mini documentary, political satire, metaphorical, narrative, experimental, edgy, controversial, including a unique collection of videos that integrate number 59.

59 Seconds Festival is a video storm of a variety of techniques, ideas and visions that is sampling an emerging contemporary international video art scene, and it is developing a network and popularization of participating artists while introducing as broad an international audience as possible to a unique collection of works, providing an exchange of ideas and information.

A collection of 59 select videos, 59 seconds each by 59 international artists, shown 59 times around the globe is the ultimate goal of 59 Seconds Festival.

Organized by Jan Piribeck

ONLY 59 seconds long video works, that integrate Number 59 in some manner.
Late deadline: February 28, 2008