05 - 12 APRIL 2008

NODE08 is dedicated to the arts of digital media. Whether its about media art, controlling lighting systems, interactions with the real world, synaesthetic experiences or video projections into 3d spaces – either way, software becomes the central working media.

The focus of this event lies in the workshops and speeches in which artists, designers, architects and the technical minded share their knowledge and works by means of various exhibitions and situations with the Luminale audience. Meet renowned artists from all over the world and developers who – inspired by the many possibilities – realize a great deal of their projects employing the software project vvvv , which started out in Frankfurt am Main.

The festival base at the Velvet Club and the adjacent ‘Cube’ host a broad range of workshops and lectures. It’s a great opportunity to get in touch and converse with the artists and see their, for the most part interactive audio visual works at the exhibition close-by. The lectures takes place on Tuesday, April 8th 2008 with many cutting edge folks presenting and talking about their work and beyond.

NODE08 provides an event to the ever growing vvvv community, to get to know each other, to present, to exchange and share with a curious and interested
audience. NODE08 is also part of the Luminale light art festival, which takes place at the same time in Frankfurt and will be supported by lighting art and lighting installations created by our participants.