Are you a medical practitioner that is about to launch a website for your business? Is this the first website you’ll ever be launching, and you want to make sure it hits all the right notes? As a medical practitioner, you need to be sure your site is both professional and welcoming, highlighting any areas that you may specialise in. You want to be sure that patients can visit your site, gain all they need, and feel confident in giving your practice a call and booking with you.

So, before you go ahead and make the site live, here are some design tips you may want to keep in mind to ensure that things look and operate as they should.

Have a Call to Action on Your Home Page

As soon as visitors land on your home page, you want to get things off to a positive start, and that can be with a call to action. A call to action can be such things as “give us a call today”, “book an appointment”, “call with your questions”, or any other wording that will move the needle and prompt them to contact your office. You may need to play around a bit with the wording in order to get it just right.

It’s also important that your call to action be very noticeable on that home page, whether it uses larger font, a different colour, a different font all together, is a “button” (link) they can click on, and so forth.

There’s No Need to Fill Every Square Inch

It can be tempting to want to fill every square inch on the page, but try to resist that urge. You want to be sure your page feels professional, the message you are trying to convey is clear, and that visitors can easily find what they are looking for quickly. The more “stuff” you add to a page, the more cluttered and disorganised it can start to feel. The minimalist approach will certainly serve you well when it comes to design.

Make Easy Navigation a Priority

You also want visitors to be able to navigate your website with ease, which means simple drop down menus or even an internal search tool.

Offer an Online Booking Tool

Because people lead busy lives, it may not always be possible for them to call and book an appointment during your office hours. Giving them the option to book online any time they have a moment adds to the overall effectiveness of the website.

Discuss Your Specific Services

Finally, you want to be sure there is a clear and concise area that discusses your services. Take a look at the website as an example of how you can list your services in an engaging and simple way that can also be expanded for more details.

Your Hard Work Will Pay Off

By following these design tips for your new website, you’ll find all that hard work will pay off and the patient interest and engagement level will increase.