Stewing. “people’s Pornography” By Katrien Jacobs

Katrien Jacobs, associate professor of cultural and religious studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, opens her latest volume on regional sex cultures, People’s Pornography: Sex and Surveillance on the Chinese Internet, with the striking if simple proposition that the pursuit of sexual pleasure is tied up with struggles for civil liberties.... READ MORE...

Geert Lovink: List Culture And The Art Of Moderation

Geert Lovink is one of the most influential cultures of the net worldwide. He is a critic and a theorist, he has been interested for years in texts and essays about the new media and network culture, and among his most recent projects the creation of the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam is worth to be mentioned. This institute works on critical analysis of the Internet, and its aim is to help actively the development and the divulgation of studies and discussions on network topics, even through the organisation of conferences, and publications whose aim is to stimulate dialogue and online sharing.... READ MORE...


The CUM2CUT Indie-Porn-Short-Movies-Festival comes again with the Porn Competition in Berlin, 20-24 October 2007, and the Pr0n Competition on the Net, 20-28 October 2007.... READ MORE...

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