One of the reasons why you will almost always find an active music ministry within churches and places of worship in other faiths is because of the part it plays in the expression of faith. As students in an online master of music in music education program soon learn, music goes beyond that which can be explained by mere logic. While science seeks to understand how and why music fosters certain emotions, there is an almost mystical quality to music that transcends reason. For this reason, many youth leaders encourage music as an expression of faith.

Why Most Private Schools Seek Music Teachers with an MMME Degree

While public schools are looking to defund the arts, private schools are notorious for finding ways to budget for subjects such as music, art and physical education. Part of the reason is because of how music is used within worship but that is only a part of the logic behind funding music in the classroom. As far as worship goes, a look at the Judeo-Christian Bible indicates how important song is to worship and faith.

In fact, an entire book, The Psalms, is a collection of poetry believed to have been set to music mostly attributed to David and/or his disciples. Therefore, beyond worship, music is a learning experience in the heritage of a child’s faith. Students at leading universities like Rutgers Online often specialize in music history and certainly that history goes back long before the great classical composers most schools teach.

Kids Can Identify with Music

While some churches stick with traditional hymns, others seek to incorporate modern genres into their song books. No, usually you won’t find rap in a classroom, but there are Christian rappers and some churches and private schools make use of this in the classroom as well as in worship. Dance and song are vital to worship and so private schools and larger churches seek to hire a worship leader or music teacher with an online MMME degree simply because of the wisdom those teachers bring along with them.

Music Encourages Participation

It doesn’t take being a graduate of an online MMME program to know that one of the obstacles many churches face is getting kids to participate in worship. By instituting an exciting music program in the classroom and in Sunday school, kids actually want to participate in worship. They want to get up before the assembly and sing and they want to perform in musicals such as a Good Friday service or a Christmas Program around the holidays.

Youth leaders encourage music as an expression of faith because it is the one sure way to get the majority of ‘hard to reach’ kids to participate. Some rebel against hearing the message, the doctrine, but few resent spending time listening to music, singing, dancing and performing when called upon in plays and musicals. If you want to get kids active in their faith, start a vibrant music ministry and you will have them participating with more enthusiasm than you could have ever dreamed possible.