Sure, it feels great to have a website that looks perfectly attractive and contains excellent marketing ideas that promote awareness of your brand. However, none of those things would matter if your website host isn’t reliable.

A high-performing and reliable web hosting is crucial to the success of any website. Despite its importance, however, business owners often neglect the choice of an excellent host for their websites. A bad web host choice will result in disastrous effects, not only to your website but to your business as well.

A successful business relies on a successful website to reach and communicate with its target market. For this reason, skipping a good web hosting will never be a sound decision. A site that’s slow and suffers downtime will neither help you generate more sales nor will it help increase revenue. Fortunately, getting the best web hosting in the market is easy these days, check this hosting comparison on MangoMatter to know your options.

But, why really bother choosing the right hosting for your website? Here are the reasons why:

Ensures Website Security

Many website owners overlook the importance of website security until it’s too late. Think about it, you’re willing to purchase an alarm system to protect your home. Your website is the home of your business, and just like your own abode, which you expect to be safe for your family at all times, it needs to be protected at all cost, too!

You can improve the security of your website with the help of security plugins, firewalls, and by regularly updating your site software. These things are impossible to achieve with a low-quality web host. The best one can have a firewall in place around your website and place backups to protect your site’s data center.

Makes Your Website Available When It Matters The Most

A bad web host can still make your website go live, that’s for sure. However, problems start to arise as you move forward, and you’ll end up having a website that’s offline more frequently than it’s online.

Website downtime problems are common scenarios if you’re using a cheap web hosting service. While cheap initially saves you money, the issues that you’ll encounter because of the host’s lack of resources will make you suffer in the long run.

Of course, you want your website to be available when it matters the most, especially if you’re trying to target a particular number of monthly sales for your products and services. That said, always look for a web hosting service provider like Hosting Foundry to get the assurance of 99.9% website uptime. There are reliable Hosting Foundry’s hosting reviews out there, check them out and learn how they can be of significant help.

Makes Your Website Fast and Professional

A slow website is an amateur website, and that’s something that you should always avoid. A slow website keeps prospects and customers away, too. As a business, you’re well aware of the importance of providing the best user experience for your clients. With that in mind, you need a fast website to make your current customers stay and to add more prospects to your pipeline.

An indication of a sluggish website is a high bounce rate, which you have to keep in check. If your bounce rate is high, better run away and start looking for a better web host if your goal is to increase visitor conversion for your business.

Improves Your Search Engine Rankings

Improving your rank in the search engine results page is another reason why choosing the right web hosting company is crucial to your business. If you have an uncomfortable website that’s running slow or goes down frequently, your SERP rank suffers.

What does it mean to your business if you’re at the bottom of the search engine results page? This will make it hard for your prospects to find you, disrupting your sales funnel. Popular search engines like Google will penalize websites that don’t perform well. So, if you have already conducted search engine optimization on your website, it’s best to choose the right hosting provider to complete your effort of climbing up the SERP.

Minimizes Sales Loss

As already mentioned, most businesses rely on their websites for lead generation. If you’re selling services or products through your website, it should be up and running all the time. Every minute your website is offline, you’re losing sales. Your website is there to increase your revenue, not to cost you more money.

While there can be many reasons why a website goes offline, your host is responsible for how often your site is online. Not all web hosts are created equal; some of them offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee while others can’t deliver such an assurance. With that in mind, if you notice that your website constantly goes offline, it’s time to upgrade your hosting package or find a better web host for the benefit of your business.

Prevents Loss Of Files

It has already happened to a lot of business owners, chances are it can happen to you as well. Unreliable web hosting service providers may suddenly decide to pack up and you’ll end up losing all your files. A reliable host is a company that you know will always be around for too long, if not forever. This is one of the advantages you’ll get in choosing an established and reliable host. Sure, new and less established hosts are cheaper options, but they can hurt your business in the end.

Always look for a web host that has an established record and you know can deliver promises.

Scaling Your Business

At some point, your business will grow and your website would need to accommodate more traffic. A good web hosting company has enough resources to support you as you scale your business up. A reliable host can provide you with upgrade options that fit your requirements so you can focus more on expanding your business.


The choice of a web host matters more than you know. You can’t just grab any random deal you’ll encounter in your search for a web hosting company. You don’t want to end up moving backward instead of advancing even further in the digital world.

While it’s possible to upgrade your hosting package, making the right choice the first time around will make things easier and more comfortable along the way. Always keep in mind that you need to find a good web hosting company to ensure security, maintain uptime performance, improve SERP rankings, and increase the speed of your website. All of these things will translate to more sales for your business.