CRISC certification was developed by ISACA foundation to ensure that the IT industry experts in various enterprises are able to implement the essential risk management as well as administering the suitable control frameworks. has also receivedISO/IEC 17024 licensing from the ANSI association. This solid accreditation facilitated CRISC certification to confirm many professionals with conversancy in the technical skills required to implement and manage IS controls. Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) certification exam has four distinct domains which are:

  • IT Risk Designation
  • IT Risk Control
  • Risk Response and Moderation
  • Risk Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism

CRISC certification is offered professionally to make sure that the candidates have all the skills that are applied daily in the field and hence its popularity. However, CRISC certification is globally recognized as the best certification for experts in IT related industries because of the following facts:

  1. ISACA CRISC Professional Designation

ISACA membership that a candidate gets upon the registration of CRISC exam is recognized worldwide as the most potent way to gain professional recognition. The members are always connected to a global community consisting of professionals with different professional capabilities. All the certified professionals get aware of many upcoming advancements as the access is granted for every member to do a research that ordinates to the systems as well as strategy. Besides, ISACA CRISC certification symbolically uncloaks the professional competencies that CRISC certified is able to:

  • Be committed to serving the industry professionally and diplomatically.
  • Enhance the professional skills and knowledge in every industry-accepted tasks.
  • Utilize the resources from the exclusive global ISACA community to enhance the organization’s capability.
  1. Technology Awareness

As the technology remains the tool to simplify every phenomenon in our industries, CRISC certification is never left behind in ensuring that its candidates are technologically aware. The fact is that the process of digitalization is gradual and every individual needs to get aware. Every industry that utilizes technology in one way or another requires certified CRISC professional. It is evident that the curriculum content of CRISC has featured technology in delivering the concepts like risk management. Unlike other certification that validates its candidates with risk management skills, CRISC includes technology as the backbone of the study. Besides, CRISC certified professionals have the privilege to participate in international conferences that are technology-oriented like CACS. These conferences are designed to bring change and enhance the functionality of processes that CRISC certified are entrusted with.

  1. Auditing and Control Standards

ISACA provides a clearly designed guideline for IS auditing and control that is followed by all practitioners globally. This guideline is standardized to address professional issues faced in the enterprises today. It is also a sign of the universality of steps taken when managing CRISC related tasks. These features make CRISC professionals have a common approach in their field hence remaining trusted by companies because of this unique cohesion.

Consequently, you will have a desire to become CRISC certified after knowing how this certification is very prominent in your career. How will you get certified? The certification is achieved by following the formal procedure which is mandated by ISACA foundation. The precise steps to follow are:

  • Registration- exam registration is the first step to take but you must ensure that the test site is available by checking ISACA exam schedule. You can schedule it at Promertic testing center. Thereafter, you only need to pay for the exam you have registered using the modes of payment provided. The last step of the registration process that many candidates might forget is to schedule their exam. Scheduling your exam is mandatory because it will let you be considered to do the exam with other candidates who scheduled on the same date.
  • Preparation- the core part of becoming CRISC certified is passing the exam. The best alternative to pass the exam is to prepare very well before you sit for it. Efficient preparation is firstly done by going through ISACA Exam Guide which will let you have the overview of the exam. Besides, the guide outlines every concept that you need to know in detailed than the blogs and other sources we sometimes rely on. Have your guide now and be lest assured that you will pass the exam.
  • Exam Regulations- this is the fundamental step to take. Know the exam irregularities so that you avoid being disqualified after preparing very well for the exam. The individuals who conduct the exam are mandated to dismiss you from continuing with the exam once they noticed any misconduct that is not in line with ISACA regulation. It is important that you get to understand all the Exam Regulations in order to avoid regrets that many candidates who ignore it have gone through.
  • Certificate Application- all candidates who manage to successfully complete the exam are expected to apply for CRISC certification within five years from the date one registered for the exam. The candidates who would not have done it are required to apply for a retake after the period given expired. Some candidates may deem this unimportant in the sense that they already have the knowledge that CRISC certified professionals are applying tremendously in the field. It is good to note that 99% of the employers or hiring managers consider certification as the only tool that represents your competencies. Lack of certification may shut the doors that CRISC will have opened for you.
  • Certificate Maintenance- the last step is to keep your certification alive is to comply with ISACA certification maintenance. It may include the fee maintenance charges, report of CPE hours, certification period, and the CRISC logo. All the detailed information concerning maintenance are available on the official ISACA official


It is necessary to get certified especially when it comes to popular certification which is recognized worldwide as the ISACA CRISC. More importantly, maintenance should be considered too, since it builds a professional reputation as well as showcasing one’s competencies.