A website that seeks to attract visitors and make sales must be just that – attractive. A standard corporate-looking 2010-era website simply doesn’t cut it any more – great design influences everything from traffic to conversion rates. It has become more of a science than an art, as what makes a good design has been able to be quantified with the use of metrics and analytics. The industry now knows a lot more than it did 10 years ago – here’s why having a great design needs to be your priority.

It represents you

 Your website represents your brand. It is your home in the digital realm. If you have a physical location already, then you will need a website that represents it well. If you have an online-only business, then the impressions your website gives its visitors can cause success or ruin. Subconsciously, visitors value trust as one of the most important aspects of a website, which makes sense – would you give your money to anybody you wouldn’t trust? As soon as a user visits your page they’ll start to decide whether your site is trustworthy, and if it’s not then you’ll see this reflected with your sales. Drive your trust right and people are much more likely to buy.

Your site should be highly professional and very appropriate to the products you are selling. Its design should prioritize these – if you don’t offer clarity to your visitors, you will be able to tell with analytics that they are a little confused by how you’ve set things up and represented your products or services. Remember that you are the salesperson and it should be your job to show your customers exactly what they need, why they need it and how they can get it.

It all leads to sales

 In business, you need a good cash flow to survive. That’s why you need to have a site that is perfectly optimized to generate sales, to make the customer journey a smooth process and to provide additional value to visitors. If you want to drive sales properly, you would need to get proper analytics to help you with this, as you’ll need a tight leash on how visitors use your site and how you can help to guide them further. Sites like digivante.com offer mixed packages that give good value for money.

You should work a beautiful blog into your site to aid visitors during their decision-making, providing value in that respect. Any content you feature on the site should be very high quality otherwise it erodes your trust. If a customer suspects that you’ve wormed keywords into an article at the expense of the article’s quality, they’ll trust you less as you’ll seem more focused on money than their experience. This goes for more than just your blog, it counts for all writing and images across your website. Remember that the quality and content of your site’s content represents your brand. If your brand provides enough value, people will want it to represent their identity to some extent, so make sure your site is compatible with that.