Many companies have been through some tough times in recent years. Many of them have tried to rebrand themselves to try and make a clean break. Even those doing well such as Google, changed their branding slightly after many years. What does this say about your branding and how it makes your company appear to your customers? What should you be looking for in a new branding for your business?

What Are You Trying to Say?

The biggest issue when choosing branding is what you are trying to convey with its design. It needs to give your customers a sense of what the company is about and the philosophy behind it. For example, are you trying to go with for a modern look, or traditional or perhaps old-fashioned? All of these types can work depending on the type of business you have and the way you want people to remember you. Keeping up to date and knowing the market is important for branding, as staying ahead of the game is important.

Customer Opinion

It is important that your branding resonates with your customers. If they find that they don’t like it, or that it sends out the wrong message, then this can be as much of a problem as the original reason you decided to change. It can be especially delicate when you are dealing with a long-established brand, as some of your customers might feel upset or disappointed that the old branding is replaced. Of course, the change has to be assessed by the company, and if you feel it is needed, then you need to do it. If you are interested in your customer’s opinion and want their input, an option would be to present some of the potential new branding ideas to loyal customers and see which they prefer. It could be an effective way of helping your customers remember the new branding style if they selected it.

Who Do You Want to Attract?

Comparably, who you want to attract is the same as what you want to say. Those people who are attracted to your new branding are also going to be attracted to what your branding represents. You need to think about which demographic you want to entice and how broad you want to be. Of course, you want to attract as many people as possible to your company, but it all depends on what you are selling. If your goods are primarily women’s clothes, then women will be your main target, along with those men comfortable enough to buy things for their partners. If you are trying to branch into another area of business, then your branding needs to indicate that while still being true to the original business. Identifying your target market is an essential part of the process, and goes hand in hand with developing any new strategy regarding how you will market your products.

What Do the Colors Represent?

With branding often comes a color scheme, even if it’s a simple idea, there still needs to be a color associated with it. You won’t appreciate how difficult this is until to have seen the 1,000 or so different shades for one color. It is true that colors can be hugely important, for example, with some brands and companies particularly associated with their particular shades. If you want to do the same, then you need to find a color shade that is unique that no other company has used before. The best option is for you to choose a simple color choice that is easy to see and understand. Anything too complicated is likely to get forgotten.

Logo Graphics

If you are an existing company, then you should ideally be looking to incorporate your old design into the new one. Even if it is a subtle indication, it will help your customers to still recognize it as your company. Think about what is going to be different about this logo and why, does it represent a new direction or is it just an updated version? As with color, you want to be unique and keep it simple. For example, when Federal Express changed their logo to Fed Ex, they were looking for an updated design that still conveyed who they were.

Creating Your Logo

Although you might be able to draft a quick idea of what you want, do you have the expertise to put into a final version? If you don’t, then you need to find a way of bringing your ideas to life. There are companies such as this company that can help you to design a DIY Logo to your own design. It also means you can create those different versions that you want to put before your customers. You should also think about different versions of the same logo for different products. It can be a good idea if you are looking to have a small compact version along with a full-sized version.

Where Will Your Branding be Seen?

When you are designing your branding, think about where you will be placing it. Will it adorn t-shirts, or are you going to be placing it on coffee cups or drinks bottles? The look of your branding and logo on these products may be a good way to see if they work. There is nothing worse than designing new branding only to find that it looks too distorted on the product. Create some mock products and see how it looks, also remember to use it on any future products, especially if they are the ones that will be launching the new branding. The same applies to the color, you need to make sure it doesn’t clash or look out of place on the products themselves. You might have to rethink the color if it cannot be seen on the product.

Overall, many companies that choose to alter their branding are happy with the result. However, there is a long process that needs to be followed to make sure the branding you choose is the right one for your company.