Libraries carry with them a certain connotation of outdated and redundant information storage. However, this is not necessarily the case. Running and maintaining a library requires a lot of skill and the digitization of information has not adversely affected this area of expertise. In fact, libraries still serve several important functions in the digital age.

Consumption of Media

The way we consume media has dramatically changed over the last several years with respect to libraries. The way we consume rented media has changed from the traditional formats of paper books and cassette tapes to the much more modern usage of digital formats such as e-books and audiobooks in MP3 format. The modern librarian has to keep themselves up to date and informed with regards to the latest technology and relevant innovations, especially as traditional book lending is on the decline. This shift in the way we consume media is both a blessing and a curse; on the one hand, it emphasizes the role librarians play in our day to day lives and highlights the value of their unique skill set, but on the other, it means libraries have to adapt to survive.

More than Books

With the advent of digital media and the meteoric rise of e-books, libraries have had to expand their offerings to accommodate these new markets. Many libraries now include sections for renting video games and DVD’s and an increasing number of these are offered in digital formats. For video games, this can involve entering a code and downloading a trial version of a game, for movies a digital copy with a built-in expiration date is becoming a favored choice for digital lenders. With libraries around the world facing greater pressures and expectations than ever before it is not surprising that an increasing number are turning to these forms of digital lending as a way to remain relevant and profitable.

Overseas Opportunities

While libraries are a welcome luxury for those living in developed countries, for much of the world a library is a scarce resource and while they have the same challenges as libraries around the world, those in developing countries face their own unique set of circumstances. For one thing, the significance of a library is very different for those residing in a developing country. There, any form of structured education is considered something of a novelty when compared to developed Western countries where such things are commonplace.

A Degree for Anyone

With such a large range of options both on and offline, for those looking to secure a degree in library management now is a great time to jump on the bandwagon. It is now easier than ever for those with the inclination to pursue an online MMLIS degree.

An online MMLIS program offers the potential for a unique and exciting career path at the forefront of public learning. Libraries are an integral and important part of the tapestry of any local community and for many adults and children alike they represent the most immediate form of knowledge available.