Technology has been transforming homes around the globe for decades. From Alexa to Echo, you’ve got plenty of ways to make your daily routines easier, and your lifestyle simpler. You benefit from using new technologies every time you redecorate or update your interior design: from shopping online, to using apps to choose color palettes.

However, with all this attention lavished on the inside of property – what about the outside? Yes, gardens are hard work to maintain: you’ve got to be ready for the winter frosts, the spring planting and the summer insect attacks. However, they’re well worth putting the effort into, because when you’ve got a gorgeous garden that’s neatly landscaped, you’ll be able to enjoy it all through the summer months.

Luckily, there’s plenty of ways you can use new technology to help you develop the design of your garden, and turn it into an inspired and modern space. So, whether you’re trying to sell your house, or you just want somewhere pleasant to sit in the summer – read on.

Garden lighting

Times have moved on a lot since the only lighting available to gardens was that of candles, fires or security lights. You now have the choice from a whole range of stylish modern lighting fixtures for your exterior, that are as aesthetically pleasing as your interior lighting solutions. Plus, if you’ve got any kind of outhouse or outbuilding, it’s easy to get them wired up with the same functions as you have indoors.

Lighting up your garden is an art in itself. You need to think about the areas you need to light up for safety such as paths, steps and seating areas. Then decide what areas you want to show off, like water fountains, statues and plants.

You can then find the ideal combination of lights to suit your needs. From up-lighting to casting shadows, you’ll transform how your garden looks.

Gardening apps

With the number of innovative and inventive applications that are available, you probably won’t be surprised to know that apps are now available that can help your garden grow. You can get advice on how best to care for your plants sent to your phone through the app. Everything from soil acidity to moisture levels are reported back to you from monitors that sit in or near the soil. You can be alerted to any significant changes, and what you need to do to take care of your plants.

Likewise, there’s a piece of tech for every garden chore. Need to do the weeding? Get the environmentally friendly weedkilling device. Going off on vacation but need the plants watered? Get automatic sprinklers that come on exactly when needed. Whatever job you’re about to face, you can guarantee that there’s an easier way now, compared to the days of secateurs and hedge-trimmers.

Outdoor-friendly gadgets

No garden event is complete without certain gadgets: a high quality, portable sound system, and a reliable weather app. Look for speakers that are waterproof and knock-proof – so they’ll withstand any mishaps while outside. Dark Sky is one of the most reliable apps to download if you’re after hourly weather reports. Then find your outdoor weather station to measure humidity, temperature and air pressure.