If you are planning to buy a domain name, you have probably heard about expired domains.

An expired domain differs from a fresh domain since the former is used by a website before. Although it may seem a bit disadvantageous because of the term “expired,” such domains have benefits and are proven to be valuable, depending on how it used in the past.

Expired domains are attractive because of some SEO factors, which are associated with the existing backlink profile. Whether you want to jumpstart your SEO game or you found an ideal domain name from expired domains, it is worth trying expired domains from reliable sources, such as Spamzilla.

However, it is important to note that there are some pros and cons of purchasing expired domains.

Pros Of Purchasing Expired Domains

  • Google Considers The Domain Age When Ranking The Website

One of the aspects that Google algorithm considers is the domain age when it chooses to rank websites. There are several reasons behind it. One of which is that the older the domain, the more established the domain is. The other reason is that spammy websites do not last long. Oftentimes, spammers jump from the domain name to another. But, don’t assume that it’s always the case.

Generally, websites that are up for a long time carry a lot of weight compared to the new ones. One factor is quality. No website owner would want to put websites that publish quality content and use the best SEO practices.

  • Helps You Create An Authority Website

If you’re thinking of creating a new website or blog, consider buying expired domains instead of a new one. With new domains, you will need to work harder to establish its authority. You will need to build new website content and backlinks. Then, the domain age authority will come with time.

With expired domains, you may leverage its existing SEO value, allowing you to begin ranking quicker.

  • Backlinking Purposes

Rather than creating an entirely new website, you may also make a mini-website for the purpose of linking to your blog or main website. The goal is to transfer the links that the old domain has to your website through backlinking.

If the relationship between the small websites are properly concealed, which includes ensuring they do not have the same IP addresses and aren’t hosted on the same server, it may look as if some unrelated websites linked to your primary website organically. It’s also a faster way of creating backlinks than trying to write some guest posts for the blogs that may not accept your submissions

  • Create A Private Blog Network With Expired Domains

When it comes to the SEO world, private blog networks (PBN) are popular. Although it is not recommended for all, because it is a risky method for ranking your website, it is a common practice these days.

The process of creating a PBN is where you buy expired domains that have authority. After that, you can create content for such websites and link to your primary website with a particular link that you may control. Normally, you will have a network of such websites that you host on several accounts while hiding that you are the domain’s owner.

  • Make Profits Through Domain Flipping

Like house flipping, domain flipping is basically the process of purchasing a domain name and flipping it to earn profits. You may either purchase the entire website or flip the plain domain names.

For instance, you may find an expired website that is getting traffic and is not being monetized completely. You may purchase it, improve it, and sell it for profits.

You can also purchase expired domains with good branding potential. There are expired domain names that sell at a high fee because of their branding potential. Usually, domains that are short, simple, and catchy are perfect for some new startups and new businesses.

Cons Of Purchasing Expired Domains

  • Tough Competition

Make sure to evaluate the domain’s competition before you use any expired domain. If it belongs to a competitive niche, you might like to consider choosing another domain.

That is why you have to check the competition. You’ll have a tough time ranking if the domain optimizes for the highly competitive keywords.

  • Associated Penalties

Several domains have a poor history. Google blacklists or de-indexes websites associated with the activities in the past including keyword stuffing, publishing duplicate content, overuse of anchor texts, and manipulated rankings due to deceptive SEO methods. In addition to that, expired domains with poor history don’t have quality traffic.

Once you dig deeper, you could discover that the domain is being accessed by spambots, which is the type of traffic you don’t want.

Those are just some ways websites can get penalized. Thus, before investing in domains for SEO purposes, see to it that you do not have any bad history.

How To Purchase Expired Domains

Take note that not all expired domains are the same. Don’t purchase expired domains just because you like them or they’re a good deal. Before you purchase expired domains, do some research first.

Make sure to consider the following factors when buying expired domains:

  • Quality of Backlinks: One of the reasons why expired domains are valuable is because of the sites linking to it. For this reason, when looking for an expired domain, consider using a backlink checker to check the backlinks of the expired domains. If you see spammy and low-quality backlinks, look for another expired domain.
  • Website Quality: You do not want to buy a website that was used for some spam purposes. For instance, if you can tell the website was used as a link farm, never purchase it.
  • Traffic: Another factor that you should check when looking for expired domains is to check the traffic every month. Never go for it if only a few visitors visit.

To get top-notch quality references, traffic matters. If you’re planning to keep it open for guest content in the future, it becomes more significant. You’ll see more inquiries for guest posts if you have good numbers monthly.


Although there are good and bad sides of purchasing expired domains, the pros outweigh the cons. If you are planning to monetize your website with expired domains, the traffic, existing backlinks, and some metrics of expired domains will surely help you boost your website ranking in less time.

To ensure that the domain you buy gets the best results, always proceed with caution