Typically, most churches and ministries are looking for additional funding to support their religious activities. Thankfully, with the advent of technology, people can now give some donations using just their mobile phones. Aside from streamlining the donation process, these text to give church applications can help religious organizations to raise money, as well as to promote the spirit of giving.

If you’re new to this technology, here’s everything you need to know about a text to give church app and how it’s changing the religious and spiritual realm.

Text To Give Church App: What It Is And How It Works

Primarily, a text to give church app refers to a technology that allows other people to donate a certain amount to churches and ministries by simply sending a text message, revolutionizing the way people do the act of giving. Also, with a text to give church app, the donors don’t need to download anything.

Here’s how a text to give church app works:

  1. You, the donor, send the initial text message via your mobile phone.
  2. The text to give church application then sends back a link connected to your organization’s payment wallet.
  3. Once the link is available, you can donate digitally by typing the amount you wish to give and sending it to the number provided.

Text To Give Church App: How Has It Changed The Spirit Of Giving?

Previously, giving can’t be done with just a few clicks. But, with the increasing number of mobile users and technology solutions, like Text To Give Church: mobileAxept, giving has evolved into something that can be done digitally and conveniently.

Below are a number of ways text to give church applications have transformed the spirit of giving:

  1. People Don’t Need To Carry Cash, Checks, And Credit Card Info

In the past, giving to congregations and other churches would require you to bring cash, checks, or credit card info, among others. Fortunately, the technology behind the text to give church app has changed this whole process of giving.

When you use this application, having no cash, checkbook, or credit card details in your wallet will no longer hinder you from donating money. In just a single click on your mobile device, you can already vouchsafe an amount to the church of your own choice.

  1. People Can Give More Consistently

Unlike the traditional way of giving donations, using a text to give church app allows you to donate regularly. This is for the reason that people are encouraged to give more and consistently because they are provided with more advanced options. This means that even if your church or ministry is closed during certain days, you can still donate.

  1. People Can Give Quickly And While On The Move

Giving to churches and other congregations has been a social practice for many people because of the level of fulfillment they get when they’re able to help others. But, because of a restricted means of giving before, they cannot give as consistently as they’d like. Because of this, technology and cultural practices are working hand in hand to meet the needs of people in this new age, especially in terms of giving donations.

Luckily, with the help of text to give technology, donors now have an excellent opportunity to give to religious organizations at any time and from anywhere. As long as you have your mobile phone and access to the app, your church can receive donations from you quickly and even while you’re on the move.

  1. Security Is Not A Problem

Sometimes, people become hesitant in giving donations due to security reasons. Before, they’re afraid that their credit card or bank account information might leak. Also, people have worries about money and checks getting passed to several persons on the way to the bank.

Thankfully, the text to give technology has made it safer for people to give donations to religious organizations. By using an application, donors and other members don’t need to worry about any security risks associated with giving. Since most popular text to give church apps are equipped with advanced security features, linking your credit card or bank info to the app is totally safe.


Because of the growing number of donors that are more than willing to help fund projects and activities put up by religious organizations around the world, technology has found a way to make the process of donating easy, convenient, fast, and, most importantly, secure.

There’s no doubt that text to give church apps encourage donors to give consistently because with just their mobile phones, people can already give any amount to their chosen churches or congregations anytime they want and wherever they are in the world.