19 / 03 / 2017

Panel for the exhibition “Dark Bodies, Dark Identities”

Lecture by Marco Mancuso

Spektrum – Berlin

The “Dark Bodies, Dark Identities” exhibition curated by Alfredo Ciannameo at Spektrum Berlin, was focused on the fundamental state of media obliquity, re-interpreting Boris Groys: if techniques of mechanical reproduction gave us (sub)jects without aura, digital production generates aura without (sub)jects, transforming all its materials into vanishing markers of a self-advertised present as a constant imperative ruling the online comedy. Marco Mancuso was invited to join the closing panel of the exhibition.

Lecture presentation text:
“Which Identities? The Algorithmic Society”

Panelists: Marco Donnarumma, Luce deLire, Marco Mancuso, XEN SPEKTRUM-community

Moderated by Marcello Lussana

One of the most interesting aspects of our relationship with technology and how we communicate with other people through technology is the way we build up meaning around the narrative of our identities. The internet, social networks and p2p structures have boosted this phenomenon, facilitating the creation of increasingly large networks built around individuals and their personal narratives in relation to virtual (and real) audiences ‒ which are selected on the basis of personal relationships but also increasingly by taking into account social, economic and professional processes.

When interacting with other people on the Net, individuals reflect more and more on themselves, carefully choosing contents (whether personal or not) which others may see. This leads to a self-discourse which redefines the whole notions of identity, repetition and difference.