Have you ever stopped to think about how much time is saved by the modern technology that we now have available to us? Business correspondence used to take days to get delivered by post, but now most written correspondence can be completed instantly via email. Researching something before we had the internet was a long process of going to the library, spending ages locating a book and then trying to find any content of relevance. Now it is a quick type into Google, and you have access to all kinds of information.

Technology has given us so much of our time back, and every week there are new apps and tools, or software that are being launched that will help make our lives even more efficient. Do you need to find a train time? Just check the app, no need to go to the station and look on the board or surf the internet. Need to know if your train is running on time? Live times are also available, so if your train is delayed or canceled, you could save the time you would spend going to the station and waiting.

There seems like there is no end to what we can do online these days. Order our food shopping to be delivered – there are people who haven’t stepped foot in a supermarket in years, they simply head to the website and place their repeat order in a matter of minutes. You don’t even need to leave your house to collect your shopping.

In the business world, online tools and apps can have a significant impact on productivity levels. Many tasks that used to take loads of time to perform manually are now completed with a few clicks of a mouse. Take raising an invoice, for example, you can download an app like Quickbooks, and it takes merely a few seconds.

Sharing electronic files used to be a nightmare, with sending numerous emails and attachments via a pen drive. Version control could get seriously confused when emails are getting pinged backwards and forwards. With Dropbox and similar file sharing sites, you can easily share files of any size.

Learning new skills is also much easier thanks to technology. You don’t have to sit and read the Highway Code to prepare for your driving theory test, simply visit a website like toptests.co.uk to practice with mock tests instead. This ends up saving you time and money.

Project management is a piece of cake with excellent sites like Basecamp and Trello, where different people can connect and share documents, as well as track progress easily, rather than sending emails to the whole project team and waiting for all the individual responses to come back in. Your company gets to stay ahead in the game, with a lesser risk of wires becoming crossed.

Digital personal assistants like Siri or Cortana are becoming increasingly helpful. Multitasking gets a whole lot easier when you can ask your assistant to find files or articles for you rather than spending time searching for them. Technology is only set to improve and continue bettering our lives as time progresses.