When computers first began, they couldn’t contain a lot of information. Losing that information wasn’t the end of the world, and it certainly was manageable. We were so used to securing our important belongings and data by securing the physical building that they exist in, and that works fine – when the data isn’t connected to the internet.

The power of the internet and the power of computers comes from the fact that they are all connected. We access different servers across the world to get the information that we need. This information highway, however, is not a one-way street. People and systems can hack into our computers and steal important data or even destroy it. Nowadays, cyber security is such an issue that companies should not just pass it over to their IT departments. Everyone needs to work together to protect the vital information that their computers and servers hold, or else risk ruin.

A large percentage of companies will experience a data-breach that will interrupt their business. For some, this can occur as often as once a month. The more companies and consumers shift their lives to the digital world, the more security risks there are. For all the benefits of AI for customer service, for instance, there is also the downside – AI can create complex attacks against cyber security measures. This means that even the biggest companies with the most resources get hacked, and their customer’s information leaked and sold online – or, more commonly, they are forced to pay a ransom.

These hackers do more damage than just stealing or installing viruses on your computer. Nowadays, hackers can do anything from market manipulation to espionage. To protect your company from cyber attacks, you need to make it a priority – a priority that increases with every day. Software and new technologies are constantly coming out, and with each update and each new technology, there poses new ways for criminals to hack your company. You need to be on top of cyber security and implement it throughout your business.

Methods include using security software like Backup Secure to create a backup of your information, in the event something were to happen to your local records. Using complex and unique passwords for every account you have, and installing and updating digital protections like your firewall and antivirus software. The more effort you put into protecting your data, and the more measures you have in place in the event of a breach, the better.

With today’s technology, it is not a question of if your company will get hacked, but when. Even the most innocuous businesses can be targeted, which is why it’s important to get on top of your cyber security now. You don’t want to deal with information being stolen, and you don’t want to have to pay hefty sums to protect your data. Treat your cyber security as a priority, because as soon as someone has hacked into your systems your information, business, and credible reputation are at risk.