Over the years, the World Wide Web has seen a rise in its population since its creation in the early 2000s. More and more people are drawn towards using the World Wide Web, and much of their lives today are even dependent on the Internet daily. Internet users connect to websites for various reasons; hence, these websites are an integral part of the digital community.

If you are one of those who is also leaning towards making your website, here are some of the tools that you need to get started with it:

1 – Start with creating a domain name

No website is ever complete without a domain name as this is your identity on the Internet, much like how your name is your identity in this world. For example, www.buildyourownwebsite.com is a domain name. Maintaining your domain name isn’t very expensive, running at around 10 to 20 US dollars a year, considering the returns that you can get out of it, especially once your traffic increases.

Websites that offer domain name registration services include the following:

2 – Host your website

The first step is only concerned with registering the domain name. To get your domain name on the World Wide Web, it needs a host. This host will put the website on a server so that users can visit the same. Renting out a space from a host does not cost much as well, as you will need only around 5 to 10 US dollars a month to maintain the same.

An example of a website that offers website hosting registration is Inmotion Hosting

3 – Create a business email address

Yes, you can certainly use an ordinary email address, just like clydethaddeus@gmail.com, for example. However, as much as this email address works for personal accounts, it can destroy your website’s credibility, as it doesn’t sound professional enough. Your business email address should be in conjunction with your site so that users can further conclude that you are a legitimate business entity.

An example of a professional business email address is marc@buildyourownwebsite.com. Remember that first impressions last, and it is crucial that you make an impression that is good and professional.

4 – Build and customize your website

As you have been using the Internet to read this article, you will know by now that not all websites look the same. There is an aesthetic value to every website, even with social media. Each site is dependent on the following factors:

  • The type of company that you are
  • Your personality as the website creator and owner
  • The image that you are trying to project
  • The products and services that you are trying to sell

Digital marketing experts recommend that you use services such as WordPress to do the same, as it is one of the simplest and easiest to do, and is already quite complete with formatting as well. If you have the budget, however, you can also hire a professional to do the designing for you. If you want to do it yourself, you can take in the services of websites such as Fiverr.

When creating your design templates, do remember the following points:

  • Always put in a “Contact Us” section, where it is easier for your readers or visitors to contact you
  • Make the Search option easily accessible, as users want ease of access to topics or products that they are searching about
  • Your title and subheadings should be clear with its font style
  • Do not take for granted the use of white space

5 – Work on the content of your website

If you have a website to sell goods, it is highly recommended that you post new products weekly. If your site is for affiliate marketing, such as promoting the products, links, and services of others, have a fixed schedule with posting new content, so that followers and viewers have something to look out for.

With your website’s content, this is where the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) also comes in. If you are not yet well-versed with this concept, it is best if you take crash courses on the same, or have an SEO expert to help you out. Here are some basics for you to remember:

  • Use keywords strategically
  • Keep your content original
  • Do practice linking your site with other sites, and link other sites in your content as well

Out of the three points mentioned above, the most important one for you to practice is the use of keywords. Never use keywords that no user even searches about. Make sure your keywords are common and lasting terms. For example:

  • If you are writing about the best skin care products for women in their late 20s, you might want to use keywords such as skincare.
  • If you are writing about the best baby products to purchase this 2019, you might want to use keywords such as baby products, shopping, and the like.


Creating your website isn’t as difficult as it seems. With this checklist of tools to help you out, the process also becomes even easier. This article proves to you even further that you do not need to do much to make a website. All you really need are the basics.