There are rumours about MySpace being the responsible for some new bands come into the limelight recently such as Hawthorne Heights, Arctic Monkeys, The Feeling a Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Lily Allen. Even many bands and Italian artists have something to say about MySpace potentialities.

Some have found a discography contract, others interesting contacts for DJ set and nights, others many contacts and download of their tracks thanks to public relations through the network. The better way to know what users think about MySpace, concerning the potentialities of the tool, is exactly contacting them through the Bulletin.

This is what I did to realise this experimental article for Digimag, focused on the Vying community, one of the most active and blooming communities within MySpace. I sent a Bulletin which has gathered in a few days the most different answers. Among the many answers I decided to publish and organize within this article the most representative answers of MySpace phenomenon and of the diffusion potentialities it allows. Here you can find some of the most interesting interventions on the matter: to understand how the Network is really a border territory between art and communication .


Message received by: Dj JOY KITKONTI

I think MySpace is a good promotional channel, but I use it mainly as a meeting point with colleagues and friends and especially to receive productions from many artists and DJ who would otherwise hardly give it to me . Advantages for those who can promote themselves and for me that can receive some fantastic elements for my DJ sets. I find it very democratic for this reason.

Message received by VJ FARRSIDE

The whole idea of MySpace is terrific. It is a global network allowing anybody to share their own ideas just with who they want, as well as sending your own life through blogs and videos to anyone. Ok, a page is just a page, but it is completely `personalizable, so that anyone can add some elements, some little pieces of html code distinguishing you from the others, which shape your individuality and personality, as your clothes do in real life. I spoke to different friends having a page on MySpace and I find all of them have a lot in common with their virtual identity.

The only thing is that MySpace, especially at the beginning, is a sort of “drug”, many people spend much of their time on-line and make of MySpace a sort of substitute of life, bringing great satisfaction to your ego, through research, request and then the approval of the people you think can become your friends. It is a sort of moral reward pushing many users to spend hours publishing their pages. The website is free and well advertised… bulletins in many cases are published during the weekend to advise you where to go during the week end and put users coming from the same areas in contact; it works better then the satellite navigator! Maybe a new cybernetic utopia is growing: MySpace changes day by day, each day is different to the previous one. Unlike the majority of websites, we all work together to change it, we try continually confirmations, messages, bulletins. I have no doubt that many of the connections and relationships generating online continue in the real world.


Message received by: Vj stu-pid

I used MySpace since the beginning as a very practical tool to promote and show my showcases and look for professional collaborations, and I have just received a proposal for collaboration from a club near my city which has seen my works online. It is easy to promote your works through this channel and it is really fun!!

Message received by: Vj Lennart

MySpace… I received different contacts from other VJs of the world and I have always answered because I think it is a great idea to meet someone! I keep these contacts and I always say to everybody that I want them to come to my shows when they are in Holland ! So far nobody has come, but…


Message received by: Kyle

MySpace is very different form forums, which can be really cold “environments”, full of old VJs, where people get bored because everything can cause a war or people argue over nothing. On MySpace there are many VJs and as in the real world there are many “as…” but even a lot of fantastic and interesting people. It is a good way to widespread information on vying.

Message received by: Giamba- Smoking Presidents

We are a band. We have soon understood the promotional potentialities of this channel. The accesses recorded to our page are many and the interesting thing is that they grow exponentially. MySpace seems to be specie of “Sant’Antonio’s chain” of the new millennium. We, for example, through MySpace, were contacted by the organiser of the “popcorn chic” night of Rome , the only night in Italy to be supported by Flux TV. You can find info on their Myspace.