A Romeo and Juliet different in the forms and the stereotypes, strange vision and pure creation, impeccable refined and contemporary creature signed Bigonzetti-Plessi, guarantee of innovation, quality and aesthetic-artistic perfection.

The video-sculpture embrace the modern dance and brings fresh air, new stimulations and new horizons that we weren’t used to. The soul of the matter invest the dancers, the technologic dancing scenography is a pretending of feelings that hustle the common sensitivity and conception. A love story, the most known in the whole world, re-adapted in a post-conceptual key where the symbols are leaders and the sense is universal in every country for every person. The score of Prokofiev give life to bended bodies magisterially oiled and guided, unique visual impacts, dramaturgic and performative abstractions, multiplication of two lovers that couldn’t avoid their love for each other that not even Dainese , protagonist out of his habitual context, can protect.

Mare verticale, Naufragio della pittura or Roma II, to mention some installations where water, air and fire are protagonists and even favourite themes of Fabrizio Plessi, here they immerge and transfigure in a non-flowery set environment, but highly contagious to support the relationships man-machine and light-colour .


“We all have airbags to protect our bodies by violent crashes that can always happen. But what kind of airbags do we have to protect our souls? We’re completely unprotected by feelings, emotions, love that can, in a few instants, make you loose the control you thought you had on your hearth until that moment. Romeo and Juliet were two young people that crashed necessarily against the wall of love without protection at the highest possible speed. Helmets, carbon fibre suit and the thousands of expedients we use everyday are simply useless. To get inside the other soul you need no GPS. It’s our adrenaline, unique and extraordinary bypass, that will bring us straight to the heart.

The speed of its bit will be the unique resonance, the unique practicable map. You just need to listen! In this antique and contemporary tragedy three elements are the hinge of the history: the Water, that remove everybody and everything with its impetus; the Fire, that purify flaring, and the Wind, that sweep away all the illustrative and anecdote waste of this wonderful work, giving back something pure and absolute. A new lecture key for Romeo and Juliet, the most actual, to get inside without any fear in the labyrinth of the human passions. Anyway in the end the strength of love will be able to move the weight of the mountains.” (F.P.)


From his side, Mauro Bigonzetti with his multi-year professional experience, now art director of the Fondazione Nazionale Della Danza – Compagnia Aterballetto of Reggio Emilia , signed in the most efficient and characterizing way the choreography of the Shakespearian text. “Romeo and Juliet has always been in my DNA. This history crossed, with his ability to move the sensitivity, all the arts, re-generated in all the possible environment and has always showed its ability to attract in its vortex of passion. It is the structure of the man who’s represented, not the characters but the strengths that bring them to an extreme act. It is the love that release the passions despite the experience and the social protective structures. Every time it take the human being to its limit to an uncontrollable velocity in places where the soul decide, where the asleep instincts wake up exalting the value of a meeting and become a violent unconsciousness of a clash.

This trip at high speed without protections for the spirit exalt the imponderable figure of the destiny. Love, death, meeting, clash will give strength and shape to this Romeo and Juliet. The initial death will let me free to cope with the causes that generated it in a turnover of the classic dramaturgic structure. It will give me the possibility to prospect and transmit through the choreographic material the deep bond of this history with our existences.” (M.B.)


The Compagnia Arteballetto is the principal company of production and distribution of dance spectacles in Italy and the first established reality of ballet outside the lyric foundations. A series of collaborations with prestigious choreographers, composers, set designers, painters, actors consolidated the quality of Arteballetto. Composed of solo dancers that know all the styles, Arteballetto is recognized internationally. Its shows crossed the world and now its repertory has choreography by Mauro Bigonzetti, Michele Abbondanza, Antonella Bertoni, Itzik Galili, Jacopo Godani, Fabrizio Monteverde and young European choreographers, but also ballet of important artists such as William Forsythe and Jiri Kylia`n .

Under the prescription of Federico Grilli, in 2003, the Centro Regionale della Danza turned into National Foundation of the Dance, where some of the most important experiences flow together from the entire country. A unique experience on the national territory that gives birth to the improvement course for young dancers, organizes manifestations and exhibitions, promotes and stimulates the public interest for choreographic languages.


Next life show of Romeo and Juliet will be set in February 13 th at the Goldoni Theatre in Livorno, February 25 th at the Social Theatre of Rovigo and February 28 th at the Communal Theatre of Bolzano. In March the spectacle will stop in Biella, Ferrara, Ravenna, Napoli, Forlì, Pisa and Milano while the 14 th and 15 th April in Bologna at the Duse Theatre . I invite the lovers and not of the performance contemporary and modern scene not to loose the replies of this experimentation, this revisiting artistically elaborated that changes and creates, stimulates and organizes a communication and conventional perception of the choreographic and technologic research.

A little bit of video-dance and a little bit of sculpture, a little bit of installation and a little bit of light-design, turning back with the memory when others union of art and dance resulted productive and irresistible. From Merce by Merce by Paik, born by the meeting of Nam June Paik and Merce Cunningham, to the collaborations between Doris Chase and the most important dance company of the 70’s . Anyway the history is not plenty of this kind of matches, so it’s cool when creative and clever minds fuse to create unique, unmistakable and matchless works. A theatrical “ballet”, musical and visionary in the most perceptive connotation of the term, “total” work that re-define the space and the body, the context and the meaning.

New light that mould and sculpt shapes, new additive synthesis, real art work in evolution from the scene where the pathos is dynamic and the “editing of the attractions” of Eisenstein seems to echo from behind the scenes. If the video-sculpture live, the primordial sense of movement turn into freestanding sequences, chromatic three-dimensional description continuously exposed. Both the René Clair of Paris and the Craig of the first part of the last century, but even a Svoboda synthetic and psychological transfigure. But here we are , in Italy, where Romeo and Juliet have their tradition and passion, but at last a new vision and solution.