The second edition of Muv is coming from 26 th May to 4 th June . This is an experimental media art festival, a beggaring description representation of electronic music and innovative visions, which was born last year in Florence.

The main components are the audio-visual combination and an interest for the European scene connected to the Italian verve for the development of a high-quality multi-sensorial project and a unique location, the Limonaia of Villa Strozzi in Florence . Mus has no limits, it is not interested in imposing trends or artists, it proposes itself as a borderline place between art and loisir : As a matter of fact Florence, which hosts the festival, becomes eye, earth, beat and pulsing artery of a vision and notes cross-road.

An anthropomorphized Florence , between old churches and acid sounds, sweet hills and strident djs/vjs in a bittersweet viewpoint, which is in a way the niece of futurism and the daughter of illegal parties and loves to connect fragments of urban places to interrupted music scales.


Florence is a town well-known for classic arts and works and for the academic doctrine. During Muv the town becomes an installation-town: it watches it self from its visitors eyes.

So Florence becomes the symbol of a change into the couple cultivated art – popular art . The festival is realized with the contribution of Tuscuny region, it’s organized by the cultural association MKN, and the promoting agency INTOOITIV, and it will propose dj and vj sets and visuals and different workshops.


“Muv is the festival of visual and sound intermittence, an event exploring a universe of connected languages: visual arts and electronic music. Different artists will manipulate and spread sound and images, in a soft connection where video and music will continuously interact creating a dynamic and interactive live show”, This was the presentation speech of last year’s Muv. This year Muv – the festival of vibration – will present international and national artists.

Audio-video frames come surely from the Bolognese Netmage. This is a clear indication of Italy becoming more open-minded to “minor” arts such as digital arts, which are a perfect and unique expression of the current creative period.

The live course too will be entirely chosen, de-structured and fragmented, in a sort of unique cut’n copy, a collection of electronic music, theatre, dance, strident cybernetic sounds and idyllic surreal videos; a post industrial coming back to a mix of opposite things, which are finally managed by senses, taste and above all by instinct .


Music players, djs and performers won’t propose passive works, but they’ll give the audience the possibility to create different mental visuals. “Let’s say stop to art admired from afar, let’s get into it” could be the festival slogan. Art to live, all-involving art, art of senses.

Beyond the various dj’s and vj’s program planned from 26 th May to 4 th June, from 22 nd April to 12 th May is taking place Pills of Muv , a sort of itinerant open Saturday’s . The creators of this event set up new lives involving theatre, performance, piano and laptop, dance and electronic; this will surely be a high-level show of great quality.


Questo il programma ancora non definitivo del festival:

friday 26.05.06

h.21.30 _Wang Inc/Saguatti (Percistencebit rec.) (IT)_live a/v
h.22.30 _Supernova (Sony-Bmg/Best Sound rec.) (IT)_live
h.24.30 _Electric Indigo (Indigo:Inc rec.) (A)_dj

_Basmati (Saul Saguatti/Audrey Coïaniz) (IT)_vj
_Virgilio (IT)_vj

saturday 27.05.06

PERCISTENCEBIT rec. showcase
h.21.30 _Rolf & Fonky (IT)_live
h.22.30 _Ether (IT)_live
h.23.30 _Andy Vaz (DE)_live

h.01.00 _Eclat (Moodmusic rec.) (IT)_dj
_DDG (IT)_vj

sunday 28.05.06 (pomeriggio)

in collaborazione con CONTRORADIO
h.15.00 _Lu Mi (IT)_dj
h.17.00 _Jaka (IT)_dj
h.19.00 _Love Calò (IT)_dj

h.21.30 _Monotono (IT)_live a/v
h.22.30 _Daniel Meteo (Meteosound rec.) (DE)_live
h.24.00 _Kun’Experience (The Club rec.) _live (IT)

_Blanche (VjCentral) (IT)_vj
_Kinotek (VjCentral) (IT)_vj

monday 29.05.06

_teatro sperimentale

tuesday 30.05.06

in collaborazione con MUSICUS CONCENTUS
h.21.30 _Cassino & Laben (vincitori Elettrowave challange 06) (IT)_live
h.22.30 _Matias Aguayo e Roccness (Kompakt rec.) (Chile/DE)_live
h.24.00 _Fabio Pinzi aka Dash-t (11numberecords) (IT)_dj

_Humakarts (IT) _vj
_EMFK (IT)_vj

wendsday 31.05.06

h.21.30 _Marko (IT)_dj
h.22.30 _Shino (IT)_dj
h.23.30 _Ivan Villa (IT)_dj
h.01.00 _Leo M (IT)_dj

_Meta2/Cool 79/Guerrero (IT)_vj
_Scatterplot (IT)_vj

thursday 01.06.06

TITBIT rec. showcase
h.21.30 _Carola Pisaturo (IT)_dj
h.22.30 _D.A.T.A (IT)_live

NUM rec. showcase
h.23.30 _Quenum (CH)_live
h.01.00 _Lee Van Doswsky (F/CH)_dj

_Visuallab (IT)_vj

friday 02.06.06

h.21.30 _Tluk (Resonant) (IT)_live

TELEGRAPH rec. showcase
h.22.30 _Choco (F)_dj
h.23.30 _Alex Petit (F)_dj
h.24.30 _Ark (F)_live

_Mediamash (IT)_vj
_Noise Video (IT)_vj

saturday 03.06.06

h.21.30 _Istituto Europeo di Design (IT)_audiovisual live workshop
h.22.30 _Martux e Mass (Dsp rec.) (IT)_live

_Selfish (IT)_vj

DEFRAG rec. showcase
h.23.30 _Anders Ilar (S)_live
h.01.00 _Gez Varley aka G-MAN (DE)_live

_Shuko (IT)_vj

sunday 04.06.06

in collaborazione con LED / HOMEWORK festival – Bologna
h.15.00 _Deepalso (IT)_live
h.16.00 _Shaduz (IT)_live
h.17.00 _Iommi (IT)_dj
h.19.00 _Unziproject (IT)_dj

PERSONA rec. showcase
h.21.30 _Touane (IT)_live
h.23.00 _Stewart Walker (DE)_live
h.24.30 _Sven VT (DE)_dj

_Mikkel (IT)_ vj
_Mizz Pravda (IT)_ vj

program video zone

– VENERDì 26.05.06 Milano Film Festival –

– SABATO 27.05.06 Resfest, Digital Film Festival

– DOMENICA 28.05.06 “One Minute Suite” – Videominuto POP TV

– LUNEDì 29.05.06 Selezione video – Master Universitario in Multimedia Content Design, in collaborazione con RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana e Mediateca Regionale Toscana “Grammelotte” esercizi di testualità – Università degli Studi di Firenze, Facoltà di Architettura

– MARTEDì 30.05.06 “Gramma”, un film di Grégory Petitqueux

– MERCOLEDì 31.05.06 IED, Concorso “ViedRAM”, International Videodesign Festival

– GIOVEDì 01.06.06 I.S.I.A, Istituto Superiore Industrie Artistiche, Firenze + MIUR_AFAM, Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca e Direzione Generale per l’alta formazione artistica e musicale

– VENERDì 02.06.06 “Sper” videoclip SAE Institut, Milano + “Everything you see is fake//174 – Fake Factory

– SABATO 03.06.06 “Venice International Short Film Festival” – Circuito Off

– DOMENICA 04.06.06 Concorso “Ombre e Suoni” – Accademia delle Belle Arti di Firenze


– VENERDì 26.05.06 “Femme Fatale” con Electric Indigo in collaborazione con Red Bull Homegroove

– LUNEDì / MARTEDì / MERCOLEDì 29/30/31.05.06 MidiWare Educational e IITM, Istituto Italiano Tecnologie applicate alla Musica, Roma

– MARTEDì / MERCOLEDì /GIOVEDì/VENERDì _01.06.06 IED, Istituto Europeo di Design di Roma

– MERCOLEDì 31.05.06 “FlxER”, mixing audio/video ad interfaccia web

– GIOVEDì 01.06.06 “Ableton”_Software House

– VENERDì 02.06.06 “Add for OSX”_Software Mesa