Glass premises, very much like a shop, in the centre of the courtyard of a group of council houses in north Milan : this is the way Xxy , an association founded out of the gathering of a group of girls from the “ex squat” Shesquat and from the experience of the “ex hacking laboratory” Loa . And that’s the way the name came about: a mutant chromosome that encloses both the feminine and masculine universes, with their differences. Young people who mix technology and social projects, at a time when hi tech training is hard, but compulsory and sold at a high price. Therefore, self-training through the sharing of knowledge (the so-called sharing) seems to be the only possible way ahead.

At Xxy they immediately want to state that they are not a group in the traditional sense: . Therefore, they prefer to define themselves . Corinna, a girl from the association, adds:


Different people, with different attitudes and interests, that bring added value to the community by carrying out projects at times very different from each other. They go from information technology, in a narrow sense of the word, with free internet points, to wireless and voice over IP experiments, from cryptography courses and the basic knowledge of UNIX systems, through video editing and web radio, to reach writer community and editorial projects. This is, in fact, the birthplace of Ippolita , a server that is also an open source content database, from which everyone can obtain material for his/her own community and creative writing projects.

As Corinna explains. .


Specific training courses are in the pipelines, free of charge or for payment according to the target range they are addressed to: installation and the use of the Linux operating system, for beginners, C language programming, semantic web, exploit and shell code writing, presentation of the project Annotea (for further info contact, ) .

Not just technological events, but also addressed to the people in the neighbourhood, not only the youth: . Also the project “Giardino partecipato” (participated garden) is set in this light, with an unusual reapproaching of nature in the middle of the town’s greyness.