If you love creating and the process that’s involved, then you will understand the ups and downs that can go along with it. Along with the highs of finding that amazing idea, and turning it into something tangible, there are also those moments when inspiration is lacking. Everyone has periods when they are bereft of ideas, but it can make you feel alone and isolated. However, there are ways that you can try to gain some inspiration and find your next project.

Do Your Research

Sometimes, doing some research on things that you enjoy or fascinate you can give you some inspiration. Think about existing designs or machines and see if they can be improved or changed to create something new. Research problems that need to be solved or find the latest trends to see if there is anything there that prompts ideas. It is also a good time to think outside the box and find a new angle on something. Stepping outside your comfort zone is often the best way to find that spark of inspiration you need.


Once you have your idea, it is time to think about the design. Following established design principals is good, but it can be better if you can create your own. Along the way, you can start to consider what will make this project unique yet useful or beautiful. For example, if you are designing a new building, how can you create something that is visually impressive while still dealing with the fundamentals? You might want to look to nature for your inspiration; there are often simple yet effective designs in the natural world that will transfer to your project.


The task of creating something from your design is often the part that inventors and innovators love. Working with the materials and trying to give your design a physical form can be both challenging and exhilarating. The building phase is often the point when you need to make minute changes to your design. You might find that a material isn’t suitable or that the balance isn’t right. However, it can also be the time when you can gain some inspiration. Just when you think that a part isn’t working or that it doesn’t look right, an idea will come to mind that fixes the problem. For example, if you are working on something that is becoming difficult to because of size or weight, then by finding the best possible floor jack, you can lift it and gain better access to continuing your work.


With all of these stages, there will be times when you will feel despondent and want to give up. However, these are the moments when you need to work even harder to find the solution. Many people have hit similar brick walls and through perseverance have come out of the other side with an amazing invention or creation.

Inspiration might sometimes elude you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go and find it for yourself.