Although much of the time that you spend in your RV will be spent traveling, you and your companions will also have ample downtime. Sometimes you’ll just want to chill out and watch a good movie or listen to some great music. Top of the line RVs often come with TVs and stereos, but you will still want to do a bit of upgrading yourself. First and most importantly, you need to get an RV Surge Protector that will protect your electronics as well as your electrical outlets. You won’t have to worry about power outages during rain storms, but you do want to be certain that your RV doesn’t get overloaded when too many electronics are plugged in. Next up is how to make your RV an entertainment center that will make you think twice about returning home.

Set Up an Area for Laptops

With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, you can use a laptop to control other devices in your RV. For instance, if you have a Netflix account, you can sync up your laptop with your television and then simulcast the latest shows and movies. Additionally, because laptops are mobile, you can take them with you to various parts of your RV, like the loft area, so that you can be entertained wherever you go. Find somewhere inside of the RV where you can keep your laptop charger and set up a folding desk so that you can stretch out and zone out when you want.

Bring Along Your CD and DVD Collection

Just in case you have issues connecting to the internet, you should keep an assortment of DVDs and CDs in your RV for entertainment purposes. Consider having a shelf built for safe keeping or bring a CD case where all CDs and DVDs can be kept free of dust and scratches. You’ll never know when that collection will come in handy as internet connection issues are common occurrences at even the most popular RV parks and campsites.

Check the Placement of Your Speakers

Do you love it when you go to the movies, relax in a comfortable seat, and experience all the sights on the screen and the sound coming out of the speakers? If this is true, you’re going to need surround sound in your R.V. This can be accomplished by getting a small number of speakers and placing them all around the living area. If any additional electronics are going to be plugged in, you’ll definitely need a surge protector, but realize that there are also wireless speakers that only need to be charged once every few days.

You don’t need much to make an RV feel like a complete entertainment mecca. Bring your favorite movies on DVD and keep the login information to your favorite streaming website accounts on hand. A solid internet connection helps just as much as a quality surge protector. Lastly, you’ve got to make time to enjoy yourself by kicking up your feet and getting into a great movie or television show every so often.